Airiz Sanitary Napkins for Worry Free Periods | Review

Airiz Sanitary Napkins for Worry Free Periods | Review

Airiz Sanitary Napkins
Airiz Sanitary Napkins

Airiz Sanitary Napkins – Hello people!!As you all know today is International Women’s Day. This day commemorates women’s achievements across all fields and raises awareness regarding the struggles that women have been facing until this day. We live in the 21st century. The world has changed a lot. Earlier women were restricted to their homes denied equality but now the times have changed. Today the woman not only runs her abodes but also goes out earn and has the potential to run the world. 

However, today’s article is specifically about a sanitary napkin brand. The brand Airiz Sanitary Napkin. Honestly, I had so many doubts when I thought of writing an article on this but then I was like that somebody needs to break the taboo. There are women out there and even some men who are encouraging women to treat this normally then why can’t we support them. 

“Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country.”– Margaret Thatcher

Women Intimate Hygiene

Even after coming this far, even after all the struggle there is still a long journey to go. Hopefully at the pace at which we are growing we women will soon leave no stone unturned. Today I’ll not be talking about the achievements or conditions of women but about one of the most hushed topics in a women’s life that are intimate hygiene, mensuration, sanitary napkins. Approximately 60% of women are diagnosed with vaginal and urinary tract infections every year because this topic ‘intimate hygiene is not considered important. Even today we hesitate while asking for a sanitary napkin.

My question to you all is when will this trend come to an end? The day when women will be able to talk freely about their intimate hygiene and the society will start accepting this period as a normal cycle will be the day when the fight will genuinely be considered won. 


This brand Airiz is a product of The Tiens Group. It is a Chinese company but has been producing natural, healthy products. Their products are used every day, in over 190 countries around the world and that too in more than 30 million households. They believe in health, enterprising spirit, success, compassion, and hope. This group has alliances with strong brands like Microsoft, Pfizer, IBM, and China Telecom. TIENS distributors and staff passionately work towards their mission that is 

‘Restoring and promoting world health, putting something back into society, developing and growing a world-class business. Their passion is to realize the vision of a ‘Great health for all’’ 

Now that we know about the producers let’s move towards the product…

Airiz Sanitary Napkin
Airiz Sanitary Napkin


This product was suggested to me by my friend. Earlier I have used many brands like Whisper, Sofy, Stayfree, etc, but the irritation, rashes, and uneasy feeling made my days so more unbearable. I ain’t condemning any brand but just stating my experience. So I decided to go by my friend’s advice and I genuinely liked this brand. 

According to research conducted by the World Health Organization, 80% of women worldwide suffer from various kinds of gynecological problems. Out of which 63% of them are due to using inappropriate pads. Hence it is very necessary to choose these things carefully. It is believed that during the menstrual period women are particularly exposed to infections. Menstrual blood constitutes a perfect growth medium for bacteria and viruses hence it is very important to choose a good sanitary brand.

Airiz Sanitary Napkins with Active Oxygen and Negative Ion Technology

This Airiz napkin is an innovative solution that ensures long-lasting freshness, complete protection, and intimate hygiene. In the development of these napkins patented Double Patch containing active oxygen and anions at the highest concentration have been used. (I’ll be detailing its layers later in this article itself). This technology that has been used in the making of this sanitary napkin supports the female body’s natural ability to cleanse itself and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. Moreover, these do not contain chemicals, drugs, etc hence safe for our skin.

Now you might be thinking about how does an anion work and what are its benefits. It is believed that negatively charged ions or also known as anions neutralize bacteria, fungi, and harmful substances. The anions in this napkin are released under the influence of moisture which further leads to the increased production of oxygen in the epidermis and hence bacteria and unpleasant odors are effectively eliminated. The patented Airiz ion patch present on the napkin emits up to 6,100 negative ions/cm3 which is so far the highest. There is yet another thing known as active oxygen used in the patented double patch. Its main function is that its presence in the sanitary napkin increases its permeability to air and the level of oxygen exchange which further eliminates the growth of bacteria…


As I mentioned above, this sanitary napkin has around eight layers. Pretty impressive! But the main question is what are these layers all about?

  • The first layer, the one that is in direct contact with the skin is very thin and is made of silk or soft cotton. This brand ensures the absorption of liquid three times faster than the ones present in the market. 
  • The second layer contains active oxygen and negative ions/ anions.
  • The third layer is super absorbent and can retain moisture for a long time. 
  • The fourth and the sixth layers are air permeable layers. 
  • The fifth layer consists of macromolecules with high absorption and moisture retention properties.
  • The seventh layer is moisture impermeable but breathable. 
  • The eighth layer is a strip of glue that is applied to the entire length of the napkin.


  • size is 245 mm
  • Protection throughout the day
  • Ultra-thin design with super water absorption and water retention properties further provides you a comfortable and clean feeling. 
  • Eliminates skin problems like skin irritation, rashes, itching, infections, bad odor.
  • Price 140 Rs- 8pads..


As I mentioned earlier that earlier I was using brands that didn’t suit me at all. This made me change a lot of brands like Whisper, Sofy, Stayfree, and I was not able to stick to one that makes me pass through a worry-free period. Those brands are the ones that did not suit my skin. Then this brand Airiz was suggested to me by my friend. Although I was a bit scared to try it first then I was like the brands that I have been using earlier did not do any good to me and she being a doctor won’t suggest something bad. I liked it so much that I decided to write about it and make everybody aware of such an amazing intimate hygiene product.

The moment I started using this product I was way more than happy. This sanitary napkin brand genuinely delivers what it promises. The napkin is so thin and absorbs liquid three times faster than the others. Moreover, it even dealt with problems like skin irritation, rashes, uneasy feelings. Also read about PCOS


So all the women who are reading this article I would like to suggest that this is a brand which you should try if you are suffering from the above-mentioned problems. On the whole, I am happy with this product and hope that even you people will like it. And I would even like to mention that if you are already a user of this product and would like to share your reviews regarding the same then our comment section is open for you guys. We would love to hear from you and your reviews and questions matter a lot to us. As the main motto of our blog is to provide you with the information that you people want. So we would be more than happy to hear from you. 

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