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About Us

Deepika Dhaka ( Founder/ Creator / Author)


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I am a person who believes in self care and self love. A strong believer in “Ikigai” because it motivates me to follow my passion and to enjoy my life. My interests in exploring about health, wellness, beauty, and all the good things in our lifestyle has driven me to create this blog.Our internal happiness and well being is the key to our happy life.

A good health,well being, and a peaceful mind makes the person feel more beautiful.
So, here I come as a blogger for all the people out there with same interests.
Just like you all I am a common person who knows that how important it is to go through the experiences and reviews of our friends and family before buying a product or trying something new and choosing one out of the cluster of options available.We also like to share or get counselling from our dear ones when it comes to our personal mind talks.
So, I am here with my team of Authors to express as much we can about what you need to know regarding anything you use to keep your body, mind and soul happy from within and outside. I welcome you all to share your reviews and experiences as well.

Looking forward to work with you. Contact me on my email blogdeepblog24@gmail.com for further details…

Professional Knowledge

  • Masters In Disaster Management crises and Emergency
  • MBA Human Resources and Marketing
  • Honors. In English Literature

We can create something great together….Good Vibes