9 Ways To Handle Bedtime Anxiety

9 Ways To Handle Bedtime Anxiety

             Off to the land of dreams I fly

         This tossing and turning must go

                While in my bed I lie

          It’s sleep that I wish to know …

                                              Justin Lemaster

Handle bedtime anxiety – Is it me or do you guys also get nostalgic about your carefree childhood days? The thing that I miss the most is the sleep. I remember how my parents used to put me to bed early and would also read me some bedtime stories so that I would enter the land of dreams happily and spend my good time over there. They even made sure that I should go to bed at the same time so that a routine is built and hence it will be easy for me to sleep early. That was the time when I used to actually get that eight-hour carefree sleep.

However, between all the timelines, stress, work, college life, and a job I somehow forgot what exactly 8 hours of sleep meant. Even if I tried to go to bed early all the overthinking, anxiety, thoughts would keep me awake. I even started getting headaches and I remained irritated for most of my time. Hence today in this article I’ll be mentioning all those ways which I and a few other people whom I communicated with, put their faith into and are following it for better sleep. Therefore the title of my article today is 9 WAYS TO HANDLE BEDTIME ANXIETY. Remember bedtime is all about leaving worries behind for a while and wandering off to a land full of surprises and beautiful things.


If you are here and reading this article then the situation I’ll be mentioning will not be alien to you. The nights when you are lying still in your bed but the thoughts in your mind are on a marathon. Instead of taking you to the dreamland, it prioritizes the wave of worries(worries can be any). That nonstop chatter going in your head that does not allow you to sleep is anxiety. If we pay attention to studies then we will get to know that “Insomnia is often comorbid with anxiety and depression,”.

Further, the bad news is even if you manage to nod off the anxiety is still there. According to Elika Kormeili “While we sleep, our mind is still active and maybe processing information,”. At this stage, if you want to consult a doctor then that’s the best thing that you can do for yourself. But if you have faith in yourself that you can deal with this then let’s face it head-on. Following are some ways that are being followed by many people to handle this. Have faith in yourself and trust me soon everything will fall in place.


Handle anxiety before sleep
When your eyelids are heavy, but thoughts are heavier

Following are some ways. I won’t say that all the ways that have been mentioned below will be suitable for everyone. This is because every person gets it differently. So I am just trying to show you some light through this hazy path and hope you will make efforts to at least cover the path on your own.


It is highly suggested that if you have a busy day or it’s a normal day just try to take some time out for yourself. Try to give some time to the topics that according to you are disturbing you at night. Don’t run from them because you can’t. They are there in your consciousness somewhere and when you try to rest they will come back. Moreover, try finding some simple strategies to cope with stress like practicing deep breathing while sitting in traffic. This will somewhat decrease the stress.


As we all know there is a list in your head. A list that includes the activities that need to be done that very day or in a day or two. That list should also include topics and situations that require your attention. Now what you should do is prepare an actual list for the same and try to do maximum activities from it that same day. This way you won’t have to stress about incomplete work or forgotten work.


This is a way that I have been swearing to these days. Honestly, it helps a lot. Instead of using your cell phone try to read some good books. That will keep your mind from wandering off and will teach you how to focus. Recently 


Studies have shown that if you express gratitude daily then it will result in greater happiness and better sleep. All you have to do is think about things that you are grateful about before sleep. As for me, I am grateful to God for giving me this life, such as a house, proper meals, good health, and so on.


Instead of keeping the thoughts there in your head let them out. If you can’t talk about them to others then you need not worry. Maintain a journal and write your worries in it. This way you can let them out of your mind and your consciousness. This will hence help you to get better sleep.


There are times when you go to bed early hoping that you will be able to sleep longer. But as soon as you lie down it seems like the sleep which you were hoping for is gone. All you are doing is tossing and turning. If this is the scenario then just leave your bed and go far from the place of your sleep. Start indulging yourself in different things. For example, you can make yourself comfortable in a chair and start listening to some good and soothing songs.


Nothing can be better than meditation when you want to control your mind. Meditation is like a boon to us. It will not only help us in focusing but will also relieve you from all the stress and anxiety. So try to Meditate for a while before sleeping. Bedtime Meditation for better sleep videos are available on youtube.


This will help you in two ways. One if you will follow your skincare routines properly at night, then you will get clear and promising skin. The second benefit will be, it will act as a deviation for your mind. Hence try to create a skincare routine and adhere to it daily.


Anxiety before sleep
Try adult coloring books to handle anxiety

The Adult Coloring Book is one of the best options that I have tried. They are also known as stress-relieving coloring books. It not only helps in good sleep but also gets you back in present and improves focus. This mindfulness coloring helps you in many ways mentally. It keeps you engaged while coloring giving no room for anxiety and stress. You can always get your favorite pages framed once you complete them.

          Concluding it, After practicing any of these ways to handle bedtime anxiety regularly, you may feel better.  If it is required do take help from a doctor, you must go ahead. Always keep your health a priority. Moreover, if you are adhering to any one of the above ways mentioned just give them some time. It won’t fix everything instantly. It will take time but you just hang in there. Things will get well soon and you are not alone. The comment section is open for you guys. If you feel like sharing your ways of coping with this, we and our audience will be more than happy to hear. Stay safe, stay happy.

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