9 Symptoms That You Need A Digital Detox

9 Symptoms That You Need A Digital Detox

About Digital Detox

Due to digital electronic systems development, people have lost their joy and enjoyment that they get from early real social life. People are completely involved with the digital world that they even don’t know the people who are living in their neighborhood and also don’t know about the current feelings and life situations of those who are living around them. So, to take a break from this digital world and to spend time with those who are around us. There is a great importance of digital detox and the need for a digital detox. It is not a restriction or condition provided by digital devices but it is the self-restrictions and conditions that our body or mental health itself decide to just move away from the digital world not for a long period but a few hours or days.

Digital detox is a break or a little free time from using smartphones, computers, social media, or any other digital electronic systems to free themselves from the digital world. Detoxing from the digital world is a way to focus on real life and the people that live around us. It helps in increasing interaction among the people nearby us and also to enjoy our life physically and in real social experience. Nowadays there are no restrictions or conditions to stop us from using smartphones computers or any other electronic digital devices. The internet is provided unlimitedly and can use whenever and wherever in the world. Even kids are provided with cell phones. So people have completely lost in the digital world and lost their interaction with the people around them. Thus, it is a way to bring them back to real life.


Digital detox
Turn off the wifi and enjoy your digital detox

Here we explain that how useful and beneficial are digital detox in your life and when you need to detoxify yourself from the digital world. Just have a look:

1. When you are stressed

When you are more stressed in the online world, then you have to take a break for a while. Disconnect from the digital world will help you to take relaxation and thereby to enjoy and experience the joy of with the people around you.

2.When you are more worried about your phone

You will practice digital detox if your mind is completely lost with the mobile phone. Like you can’t concentrate on your work or real-life process because fear of missing a single notification makes you think about your phone and not concentrate on real life. In such a situation a person has to detox themselves.

3. When you don’t sleep enough

Over-consumption of technology will badly affect your sleep. If you spend many sleepless nights due to spending your time in technology then you have to take a break from the digital world. Because sleeplessness causes many problems in your life. Sleeplessness will make your work inefficient because you will always feel lazy when you are sleepless. And it also leads to many diseases.

4. When you keep scrolling on social media

Overuse of social media is like toxic behavior. Mainly in teenagers, it causes anxiety, depression, and many such problems. It will also reduce the attachment between family, friends, and relatives who are living nearby. Because those who are attached to social media will make online friends and start to text with those people who are living in long-distance and may don’t know each other. So, reduce its usage for a while and protect your mind from it.

5.When your focus is always on notifications

Concentration on technology and its notification is very bad for students that they are not able to study well. Because instead of the lessons taught by teachers, their minds put more pressure on the phone notification. Thus, students will not be able to concentrate on their studies and this may also be the reason for failure in examination. So it is good to keep the away mobile phone while you are studying or work.

6.When you feel lost and numb

Mostly depending on technology will reduce the working of the mind. Because people start to browse every problem instead of using their mind to find a solution to a problem or to handle a situation. It is better to take action by thinking about it yourself. Just give a second for your mind to think, it will work and bring a better solution instead of the solution that you get from browsing on technology. This will also increase your life experiences and will keep your brain active.

7.When it starts giving you body image issues

Many of us, especially females are more conscious about our looks. But when we indulge in the posts on social media, that show well-built and fit people everywhere, it makes us feel bad about the way we look. Thus we are trapped into another issue called Body Image Issues. This affects our mental health to a great extent. You should always be body positive.

8. When you start skipping Meals

At times when we are busy on our phones, we stop worrying about our meals. We don’t feel hungry may be due to some kind of exciting thing which is going on screens. It is one of the worst things you can do to your body. Not having meals on time affects our health. And later when we think of food, we end up eating fast food or unhealthy food. So always give preference to your meals instead of your phones and iPad.

9. When you performance is degrading

Digital platforms affect our performance in day to day activities, job or even studies. We even keep our work pending when we are so much engrossed on our phones and ipad. Stop spending time with your phones, instead just focus on your work when it is time to work. Don’t do multitasking. Just focus on your work to get great results. Be efficient and effective in the work you are doing.

My dear friends, it is better to depend on real-life people and to spend time with them. In this digital world, we can’t break ourselves completely from using digital devices. We should use digital devices for our growth and benefit. And if you feel like the digital world is stopping you from growing then it is better to detoxify yourself for a while. In this article, we have clearly said when do you need a digital detox. Read it and make it useful to your life.

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