9 Health Benefits of Calcium in Body | Facts about Calcium

9 Health Benefits of Calcium in Body | Facts about Calcium

benefits of calcium
Benefits of Calcium

One of the most important nutrients that our body needs to build strong bones and to make our life healthy is calcium. Calcium and vitamin-D play a key role in improving our body. All of us must learn about calcium nutrients and their benefits to our body. If we learn about them, then we can act accordingly to make our bones stronger and body healthier.


Do you ever think about what is calcium and how important are calcium nutrients in our human body? From now don’t get confused about the calcium nutrients that exist in our body itself. Yes, calcium is one of the most powerful and useful nutrients in our body for our lifetime. There are several different benefits of calcium in our body. Such as calcium makes the blood clotting function easier, it helps in the contraction of our body muscles and also in the procedure of heartbeat, and one of the main advantages of calcium is that it helps in building our bones stronger and healthier. It is also said that our bones and teeth carry 99% of whole calcium in our body.

Our bones get weaker sometimes. It is due to the following conditions; In our daily life, we cut our hair, nails, it is a part of cleanliness. We also pass urine, we sweat, and sometimes we also lose our body weight. During all these processes we also lose the amount of calcium from our body. Vitamin-D can be produced from our body itself through sunlight. But our body can’t produce calcium, so we must take food which has a high amount of calcium in it.


Calcium is one of the main sources of nutrients that every living thing needs. Human beings are shaped out of bones. We cannot walk or take any steps without bones. The same thing will happen to us if our bones are not stronger. So all of us need calcium nutrients for strengthening our bones while 99% of the human body calcium lays in bones and teeth. Calcium plays many roles in the human body such as maintaining the relationship between our brain and whole other parts of our body. Here are some benefits of calcium in the human body. Just have a look at them and learn more about our body systems.

1. Calcium is very beneficial for bone health

Human beings start to grow from their childhood and usually, their growth stops as they reach adulthood. Even after stopping the body’s growth, calcium continues its work by maintaining the strength of bones, slowing down the bone’s loss of density, and as a pathway to have a healthy life. Females going through menopause are likely to face the problems of losing bone density more than males. To protect females from facing the problem of osteoporosis, doctors provide tablets with a high amount of calcium nutrients to them.

2. Calcium is required for strong teeth and gums health

Calcium and teeth

We may have seen that while people get older, they start to lose their teeth. It is because of the loss of calcium in their body. More than half the amount of calcium in our body is deposited in teeth. If there is a reduction in the amount of calcium in our body then there is a chance of losing our teeth. It is not happening only for old people, but the same will happen at a young age too.

3. Calcium enhances Muscle contraction

The regulation of muscle contraction can be made easily and softly with the help of calcium nutrients. Our human body releases the amount of calcium when our nerve begins to stimulate our body muscles. This process is made easier when the protein that exists in our muscles starts to proceed with muscle contraction. This contraction is done with the help of calcium nutrients. Our body muscle starts to get relaxed when the calcium in our body is pumped out. These are the role of calcium in the process of muscle contraction.

4. Calcium plays a key role in blood clotting

Yes, blood clotting is one of the toughest processes in the human body. And it includes various steps for the process of blood clotting. In this process, a large number of chemicals are involved to make that process successful. Here calcium also plays as one of the main chemicals in it and makes it easier. Calcium manages the functions of all muscles where the action of heart muscles is also included. Higher consumption of calcium leads to lowering the blood pressure in our body. The muscles that are surrounded by blood vessels are relaxed by calcium through its absorption and pumping out.

5. Calcium act as a co-factor to a lot of enzymes

Enzymes act as catalysts in all living things by helping the body in the chemical reactions that take place within the body. Many enzymes require calcium nutrients as their co-factor. So the presence of calcium in our body is also important for the chemical reaction to take place in our body

6. Calcium supports cardiovascular health

calcium and blood pressure
cardiovascular health

Calcium is required in the body to maintain healthy blood pressure blood pressure. It helps in various cardiovascular functions in lowering the high blood pressure or bringing it to a healthy level. Some studies have shown that a lower level of calcium in the body increases the risk of hypertension.

7. It is important to stabilize cholesterol in our body

Calcium is thought to work in lowering cholesterol by binding cholesterol in small intestines so that it does not get absorbed into the blood and is excreted out of the body in the form of feces. It is shown in studies that 1000 mg of calcium lowers the cholesterol by 2 to 5 %.

8. Important in the process of neuronal transmission of stimulus all over the body

Calcium is very important for our nerves. It is described as “spark of life and kiss of death” for the nerve cells. Calcium ions are critically important for nervous system. It helps through out neurotransmitter release to intracellular signal transduction. Sometimes the pain in nerves are related to the lack of calcium level in the body. Our nervous system needs healthy level of calcium to function in a proper manner.

9. Calcium also plays a main role in the process of hormonal secretion

Women who maintain a moderate level of calcium does not go through the problem of hormonal disorders mainly hyperparathyroidism. Decrease in calcium level in blood produce more parathyroid hormones. Increased calcium level in blood produce less parathyroid hormones. Parathyroid hormones are the hormones that stimulate bones to release calcium into blood.


  1. We fulfill our calcium requirement through diet because our body does not produce calcium.
  2. We need enough Vitamin D in our body to absorb calcium from food we eat.
  3. Calcium is more important for women as compared to men.
  4. The dosage of calcium depends on age.
  5. Calcium supplements are useful and helpful.
  6. The lower or higher amount of calcium in body can create health issues.

These are some benefits of calcium that many of us were not aware of. So, make it a point to always maintain a healthy level of calcium in your body along with other nutrients. Vitamin D and calcium work together to make your body healthy. So, eat a lot of calcium rich foods and take supplements if prescribes by your doctor. Have a good health.


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