8 Best Detox Drinks You Can Make Easily At Home

8 Best Detox Drinks You Can Make Easily At Home

Detox Drink
Make your own detox Drink

8 DETOX DRINKS YOU CAN MAKE EASILY AT HOME. Detox Drinks are drinks that enhance the process in our body to cleanse it from alcohol, drugs, or from any types of chemical substances that exist in our body.

It is very important to detox our body regularly to stay healthy. In one of our articles, we have mentioned  Ways to detox your body.In today’s post we will be talking all about detox drinks.

Benefits of Detox drinks

  • Detox Drinks purify those chemical substances that exist ingested pollutant in our body after taking a break or after stopping the consumption of alcohols.
  • Such Drinks are clinically proven as the best way to eliminate toxins from our body.
  • Detox Drinks are beneficial for weight loss and it also helps to build a healthy body.
  • Besides these benefits, detox drinks also have additional benefit such as it imparts many kinds of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients to our body.
  • Regular consumption of detox drinks will provide its best results of weight loss within 1-2 months itself.
  • There are many different types of detox drinks which we can drink to purify our body from the existing drugs, alcohol, or any toxins in our body. Following are the eight different types and different taste detox drinks that we can try in our daily life from our home kitchen items.

8 Detox Drinks You Can Make at Home


The Cinnamon and honey detox drink is one of the best detox drink that lots of people tried and got the best results also. Cinnamon is very effective for curb cravings and in the same way honey is the best source to make our metabolism fruitful. The combination of things gives us the best result. The detox drink of cinnamon and honey is prepared by adding one spoonful of honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon to one glass of warm water. If you have any burning problems, then you can add a dash of fresh lime to that juice to get rid of burning problems.


Lemon and ginger detox drinks are helpful for the weight loss process. It can be prepared by squeezing half a lemon and adding a piece of grated ginger to a glass of warm water. Make this your daily routine to drink every morning. Effective results are seen within one and half months. The gingerol present in ginger is helpful to prevent stomach problems and also in the process of digestion. Lemons are antioxidants and also contain a high number of vitamins C which enlarges the production of free radicals in our body.

detox drinks
Lemon and ginger are great for detoxification


Cucumber contains antioxidants that are very helpful to fight free radicals, and which are caused by hydrating effect. It helps in purifying toxins from our body. It can be prepared by adding some slices of cucumber and some amount of mint leaves to a glass of warm water. And then mix them well. Besides a healthy drink, it is very tasty too.


Oranges are well known as powerhouses of antioxidants and vitamin C. Carrot contains a high amount of beta-carotene and fibers which helps in the digestion process as well as in weight loss. Ginger is already good for the digestion process, it helps to prevent stomach cramps and bloating. The combination of these three ingredients gives a great benefit to our body. We can prepare this to drink by taking a separate juice of oranges and carrots, then add crushed ginger to it. By testing its consistency, you can add some water if needed. Make a habit of its daily consumption.

detox drinks
Orange and carrot makes a great detox drink combination


Lemon is always considered the best ingredient for weight loss and to have a healthy body. While fruits like apple, carrot, beetroot, white radish are also playing a key role in building a healthy and beautiful life. So here is a tasty detox drink with all of their combinations. It can be prepared by adding one full of chopped carrot, ½ of sliced beetroot, 2/3 amounts of the sliced white radish to a jar. Mix them in a blender and also add the juice of two lemons to it. Then drink them to have a healthy body.


The pomegranate is very beneficial to build a strong immune system. Beetroot is already known as a beautiful vegetable. Beetroot juice is a very effective cleanser and also helps in detox. So here is a detox drink with both the pomegranate and beetroot. Just take two cups of the pomegranate and ½ cup of chopped beetroot. And mix them in a blender. Add one fresh leaf of Aloe Vera gel to that mixture by removing the rind from the Aloe Vera plant. And at last add ¼ teaspoon of black pepper powder to that juice, it will impart some flavor to it.


Detox drinks
Make it a point to drink coconut water every day

Here is a detox drink that is very tasty and only needs few ingredients. And those three ingredients are always available in our home kitchen itself. So just get into your kitchen and prepare an easy, simple, and tasty detox drink by yourself. This drink will quench our thirst and also give relaxation to our body. Take coconut water, some mint leaves, the juice from 1 lemon, and add one tablespoon of honey if you need. Mix them well and enjoy the tasty and healthy detox drink with your family and also share this delicious recipe with your relatives and friends.


Aam Panna is a detox drink that is mostly consumed by people to quench their thirst instead of drinking as a detox drink. However, the main point is that our body should be detoxed. Some people drink it as just a cooling drink in summers. So, why we consume them is not important, but what we consume is important. Aam Panna helps to keep our body hydrated within a short time and in a quick way. It helps to defend our body from the scorching heat. It is very useful during the hot summer days. So Aam Panna is usually called a summer drink. There are a few steps to prepare the Aam Panna detox drink.

Take 500 grams of raw mango pulp. Add two teaspoons of salt, two teaspoons of black rock salt, two teaspoons of roasted and powdered cumin seeds, two tablespoons of finely chopped mint leaves to a mixer. Pour two cups of water into the mixer. Then mix them well and enjoy your tasty and delicious detox drink. You can also check the recipe of this amazing and my favorite drink here Recipe of Aam Panna

So, these are some detox drinks that can be made at home easily. You can choose your favorite and make it a habit to drink them regularly for your internal cleansing and staying light from within.


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