7 Productive Activities During Lockdown

7 Productive Activities During Lockdown

My today’s article which is 7 PRODUCTIVE ACTIVITIES DURING LOCKDOWN will be throwing some light on the activities that I started doing and also the ones that I think we should start doing. So let’s try not to swipe away and instead stay strong. 24 March 2020 the evening of this day is something that we all can’t forget ever. The day when the lockdown was imposed on us and since then things have not seen much change. The above lines were a reminder that the danger has not passed. Even after a reduction in cases, we should not take things lightly. Just stay home, stay safe. However, the question is for how long can we endure this staying indoors lifestyle. I know it is difficult but it is the only solution.


I still remember the day when it was imposed on us. All my younger cousins and siblings were thrilled. They were like “we will have ample free time and no school”. Honestly even I was thrilled in the beginning but then it all went down. With the line between professional and personal life blurring, many of us are finding it very much difficult to juggle deadlines with homeschooling, online lectures with household chores, and writing papers. Having no physical place to go, no face-to-face meetings, no new encounters, life has become rather bleak.

However, if you ask a professional person they will suggest that instead of just goofing around we should use this ample time productively. Yesterday my friends and I were having a conversation about this product use but the only thing we could conclude is how the pandemic has taken away the fire to get up and do something that matters.

But trust me guys if you try harder you can light that spark again. I won’t say that you need to stop binge-watching Netflix (coz that’s the only thing keeping us sane through these difficult times), but along with it, you can push yourself to do some other activities too.


productive activities during lockdown
Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body”

A hope that you guys will try a few of them and will continue doing it until you no longer feel it as an obligation but as a relief. Below is the list….

1.Visit Your Personal Library

Before beginning this point I want to make clear that a personal library does not mean that every person should have a personal library. What I meant to say is, in this course of life we came across a few books which we all wanted to read but due to this busy life we were unable. So guys this is the perfect time to visit them. Books are our best friends. They will not only help you deal with stress but will also help you with many other things. Increasing your vocabulary, knowledge, helps you have a good time away from this chaotic life.

2.Workout Routine

I hope I don’t have to remind you, people, how important it is to stay fit. Even the pandemic is all about the person who is fit both internally and externally survives. The point that should be noted here is I ain’t promoting specific body shapes. To me, every person is beautiful in their own way. On the other hand, working out just helps your body in functioning properly. So do try to make a workout routine.

3.Enroll On A Free Course And Learn Something New

There are certain websites out there that allow you to enroll for free and offer a wide range of foundation-level courses. You guys can just enroll for free and start learning from their catalog of courses from history and the arts to society, politics, and law. Websites like https://www.open.edu/openlearn/free-courses/full-cataloguehttps://www.futurelearn.com/courseshttps://www.edx.org/.

Moreover, by building up your qualifications you can also utilize them to further learn some other skills. No matter how small or big the skill might be, everything matters.

4.Keep A Journal

Honestly, the times that we are going through are highly stressful. I myself experience mood swings a lot these days. Maintaining a journal will help you in keeping track of your thoughts, activities, and learnings. All the thoughts that are there in your head are ready to burst out. However, you don’t find the appropriate way to let them out. This is where the journals come in. They can help a lot. Do try it once.

5.Keep In Touch With Your Pals

Friends, relatives, pals, cousins turned to best friends whatever name you want to give to those people whom you consider your escape try to remain connected. Thanks to this modern era we can see them whenever we want. Although warm hugs will always be best, for the safety of both you and your loved ones it’s better to remain connected through phones. Connections will not only make you happy but will also help you in dealing with all the stress, anxiety that you might go through. So do keep in mind to remain in touch with your favorite people.

6.A DIY Project

productive activities during lockdown
Use your creative side and start with some DIY activities

As we all know, when we were dealing with a busy lifestyle, it was very difficult to maintain our houses. Like when you go around your house you will see it requires a lot of your time. The more time you spend at home, the more you’ll realize how much work there is to be done! With all the spare time that you guys have right now try to start fixing your own house whether it be a small bulb or anything else. It will not just give you a feeling of satisfaction but will also help in utilizing the free time.


Meditation is the best way to utilize your free time. In these chaotic times, meditation might help you get a bit of peace of mind. All you have to do is find a quiet space, light some candles and clear your mind with some therapeutic meditation music. For better results try to do it daily. Meditation helps you clear your aura and head pace and once you have both of these clear you’ll be able to handle your anxiety, stress, and pressure in a better way. Know more about MEDITATION, Concept and stages.

In conclusion, the ways that I have mentioned above are just a few. Every human being is unique and every person has their own way of handling the situations. You can also choose art, getting enough sleep, skincare and all. Everybody has a YOU-nique way to destress. In short, the reason for this article was to enlighten you on how important it is to utilize your free time. Don’t let the spark in you die. Don’t let the pandemic take away that fire inside you. Try to keep yourself busy in some way or the other. Moreover, you guys can share with us your method of dealing with the free time. The comment section is always open for you and we will be more than happy to hear from you people. Until next time stay safe, stay happy…..


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