7 Best Skincare Habits For Younger Looking Skin

7 Best Skincare Habits For Younger Looking Skin

& basic habits for younger looking skin
Basic habits for younger looking skin

7 Best skincare habits for younger looking skinSo before beginning today’s article I would like to share the reason for the topic that I chose to talk about. A few days back I and my mother were going through her teenage pictures and all I could hear was ‘look how plum and glowing my skin was, but now all I am left with is this aging, wrinkles, etc. She was like, the toughest thing to achieve today is forever glowing and younger-looking skin naturally. I hope even you guys had this conversation with your elderly people no matter a woman or a man. There skincare habits were similar to what I am going to discuss.

Today apart from peace, money, and otherworldly happiness there are two other things that everybody wants. Looking young and feeling young. It’s a wish of many people today that only if they could reverse this aging clock or if you want to reverse your biological aging clock you need to start from today itself. Every day I sit in front of the television and look at those actresses who are way old but still look young. The only thought that crosses my mind is, they might be going for these expensive treatments and those costly beauty products and I am like, staying young that expensive.

Now I am a curious person. I have this constant urge to know more and more so I started searching for remedies, home remedies that can help in slowing down this aging process without making big investments in treatments. The answer to this is to follow these 7 best skincare habits for younger looking skin. I did not say stop this aging process because let’s face the reality we cannot completely reverse or stop this inevitable thing. But what we can do is slow it down. On this note let’s begin the topic that I’ll be talking about today 

7 Best Habits For Younger Looking Skin

These are the basic skincare habits and changes that you can make in your life and help yourself in slowing down this inevitable aging process. So, without any delay allow me to introduce you, people, to the 7 skincare habits that I found can be way more effective. 


meditate and breathe

Breathing exercise is the foremost easy to adopt home remedy for better skin. As we all know that simple application of products is not enough. The products can be a straightforward yet significant approach to healthy skin. But if you want that the nutrients should be evenly distributed amongst the different layers of skin we need a deeper and holistic approach and this is where yoga steps in. However other basic habits matter too like eating fresh and seasonal foods, exercising, and leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Breathing helps in glowing skin as our skin relies on a ready supply of oxygen for nutrients, hence healthy breathing techniques are vital for radiant skin.

Process-you can do this exercise anywhere but make sure the place has a good and noise-free sitting. 

  • Make yourself comfortable. You can do this exercise by lying down on your back in bed or on the floor with a pillow under your head and knees. Or you do this in a sitting position. You can sit on a chair with your shoulders, head, and neck supported against the back of the chair.
  • Now all you have to do is breathe in through your nose. Let your belly fill with air.
  • Breathe out through your nose. During this process, you have to place one hand on your belly and the other hand on your chest.
  • As you breathe in, feel your belly rise. As you breathe out, feel your belly lower. The hand on your belly should move more than the one that’s on your chest.
  • Take three more full, deep breaths. Breathe fully into your belly as it rises and falls with your breath.


As I mentioned above outer beauty will come out in a better way if your inner body is happy. So for that inner beauty, we guys need to adopt a way that is deeper and holistic. Exercising is a process that has the potential to transform our bodies and do wonders. Exercise not only keeps our body young but also keeps the mind vital and promotes emotional well-being.

Harvard University professor John Ratey, in his latest book Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the brain, describes research showing how “physical activity sparks biological changes that encourage brain cells to bind to one another.” You don’t have to push yourself to work harder from the beginning itself. Start with physical activities that you enjoy and do them regularly. You can opt for aerobics, yoga or even a 40 mins walk can do wonders. 


healthy skin 2
The best foundation you can wear is glowing healthy skin

A healthy diet is also included in the skincare habits and is a must if you want to keep your body young inside and outside. There are two types of food products. One that accelerates aging and the others that renew and slows down this aging process. The food products that come under the first category are canned, frozen, microwaved, or highly processed. For a balanced diet, it’s must that you include the six tastes which are sweet, salty, sour, pungent, bitter, and astringent) in each meal. These tastes are anti-inflammatory and boost our metabolism.

Food products like radishes, ginger, mustard, peppers, spinach, mushrooms, tea, lentils lettuce, and so on are a storehouse for these tastes. Apart from these, you should go for food products like, Red tomatoes (particularly cooked), red peppers, red/pink grapefruit, watermelon, red grapes, beets, red cabbage, apples, strawberries, cherries, raspberries, cranberries, Squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, yams, pumpkin, cantaloupe, mangoes, oranges, papaya, nectarines, Broccoli, kale, spinach, cabbage, peas, avocado, collard greens, Plums, blueberries, black raspberries, blackberries, purple grapes, eggplant (with skin)


Eras changed but this belief in drinking excess water will help you get rid of skin problems is still the same. This is so because it’s true. No one can deny this fact. It is suggested that we should drink a good amount of water if we want healthy skin and a flat stomach. This is so because it maintains moisture and flushes out a lot of toxins that can age you. On average, a healthy person needs 30 to 50 ounces of water. This does not mean that you will drink it all at once. Instead, you should divide it over the day.


Three major steps of skincare should not be forgotten. The steps to clean skincare habits are cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. This can also be termed the CTM routine. Whether you are kick-starting your day or just going off to bed you must not forget this major routine. This routine should begin with cleansing. All you have to do is thoroughly cleanse your face before applying makeup and then prep your skin by applying a good toner or moisturizer.

Similarly before going to bed make this a habit to remove all the dirt and makeup products by cleansing thoroughly. And as mentioned above don’t forget to apply a toner or moisturizer after the cleansing step. This will help in reducing breakouts, dullness, and even eyelash breakage from leftover mascara. Further, it will also prevent fine lines and wrinkles. 


5 Best Sunscreens by
The best beauty secret is Sunblock

As we all know that the sun rays are ultraviolet rays or UV rays that can cause a breakdown in skin fibers, which cause it to sag and lose elasticity. We can’t stay at our places just to keep ourselves hidden from the harmful effects of the rays but what we can do is apply sunscreen.

A sunscreen with SPF 30 or more can protect our skin from harmful UV rays. It’s like a layer that does not allow them to penetrate our skin and cause damage. It can also cause sunburn, skin cancers like melanoma, one of the hardest malignancies to treat. I won’t say that sunscreen will protect you from all this but can lower the risks. Moreover, sun damage is the primary cause of wrinkles, premature aging. So it’s better to take precautions because applying sunscreen is one of the most important skincare habits.. Know Best Sunscreens in India.


The most ignored thing by people these days is regular restful sleep. I remember how my mother (when I was young) used to make sure that I should get proper 8-hour sleep. However today all I am left with is restlessness, dull skin, dark circles, stress, and so on. We need to understand that a lack of restful sleep disrupts the body’s innate balance, weakens our immune system, and speeds up the aging process.

A night of restful sleep is the sleep that occurs without any use of pharmaceuticals and alcohol. If you guys wake up full of energy then it is said that you had a restful sleep but on the other hand if you wake up tired you need to make efforts to attain restful sleep. According to a fact when you sleep your body repairs and renews itself. For good sleep, you should try eating less before going to sleep, so that the digestive process does not disturb your sleep. Moreover, a leisurely walk after dinner can be really helpful. Know how to have a Good and relaxed Sleep.

On the whole, I would like to say that this list of best skincare habits for younger looking skin includes those beauty secrets that I found and can be way helpful in slowing down your aging process. I know there can be more. Some of you might think that the steps that I did not mention are must and should be known, for this our comment section is always open. Please feel free to share your reviews with us we would be more than happy to hear from you and I hope that this article of mine will help you in slowing down your aging process. 


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