7 Amazing Health Benefits of Vitamin E

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Vitamin E

Benefits of vitamin e
Nuts and seeds are rich in Vitamin E


Health benefits of Vitamin E– Vitamin E is a group of eight fat-soluble compounds which contains four tocopherols and four tocotrienols. Vitamin E is one of the main vitamins which helps prevent our body from coronary heart disease. It doesn’t only contains vitamin E but it also holds the benefit of several soluble fat vitamins and antioxidants to our body. Free radicals are those which are linked with our health condition and also with the cancer of premature aging. Antioxidants are those which help our body to fight free radicals. These antioxidants are made through the break out of the atom.

Vitamin E cannot be produced by our body itself, but vitamin e is presented in different kinds of foods. Vitamin E is mainly derived from vitamin E oil. There are various procedures that we can choose to get vitamin E nutrients into our body. Vitamin E is very much required for good skin health also.

  • We should eat Vitamin E rich foods
  • Apply and massage our body with vitamin E oil.
  • We can apply the lotion which is mixed with vitamin E oil.
  • We can consume Vitamin E supplements


1. Plays a key role in promoting eye health

It is suggested through some research that the consumption of vitamin E to our body will help to promote our eye health by protecting it from the eye disease like cataract and also from the disease happens in an age such as macular degeneration problems. Vitamin E helps in the breakdown of the healthy eye tissue by protecting our eye cells from irregular or unstable free radicals.

2. Helps in the process of wound healing

If our body is highly filled with the amount of vitamin E, then it eases the process of healing our wounds. By applying the oil, lotion or any cream which are rich in vitamin E will help in healing our wound and also for the formation of new skin.

3. Decrease scars in our body

benefits of vitamin E
Benefits for Vitamin E for skin

Vitamin E is one of the main soluble antioxidants. Some research has said that the consumption of vitamin E by people who have scars or passed from the surgery will help in reducing the scars in their body. But it’s also said that vitamin E plays a key role in healing the wound other than removing the scars. So we can consume vitamin E with the main intention of healing our wounds.

4. Preventing sunburns

Many of us face the problems of sunburns and tanning on our bodies. The temperature is too hot in summers. So there is a chance to face the problem of sunburn for many of us. Vitamin E oil is very helpful to get out from the problem of sunburn. Sunlight helps in the production of vitamin D in our bodies. So we need to go out and get sunlight to enlighten our life. But due to the problem of sunburn, we may not like to stay under sunlight for a long time. Here is a tip we can follow to prevent our bodies from sunburn. Moisturize our body with vitamin e oil. It will help in preventing our body from sunburn thereby allowing us to stay under sunlight to get vitamin D in our body. Applying  Best sunscreens is also helpful to prevent our body from the problem of sunburn.

5. Treatment for fine lines, itching, and wrinkles

Our skin undergoes many problems like fine lines, itching, wrinkles, and others. These problems are mainly faced by those with dry skin. The application of vitamin E oil helps in moisturizing our skin and thereby helps in protecting our body from facing the problems like fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin E oil can make our skin look more youthful or younger and thereby reducing wrinkles. A nice sunscreen with vitamin E can help to prevent our skin and body from causing itching and wrinkles. So choose the best sunscreen for your daily routine. There are many Foods for healthy skin.

6. Reduction in stretch Marks

Vitamin E is very useful for reduction of stretch marks on our body caused by many reasons. Like pregnancy stretch marks, weight gain or weight loss stretch marks. A sufficient level of vitamin E in our body gives a lot of strength, elasticity and hydration to our skin, that there is less chances of occurrence of stretch marks. Even when they are visible, we are recommended to apply vitamin E emollients or cream on them to fade them away.

7. Hair and scalp health

Vitamin E is very beneficial for a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. It reduces dryness and dandruff. Vitamin E gives a strong base to our hair and reduces oxidative stress. This helps in growing of healthy hair by preserving the healthy lipid layer. We are always recommended to apply vitamin E oil on our scalp for beautiful hair and a healthy scalp. Almond oil is rich in vitamin E and is very much recommended.

Bad Effects of Over consumption of Vitamin E

Though vitamin E plays many helpful roles in our body. But the over-consumption of vitamin E can cause more problems to our body. Over-consumption of vitamin E can irritate our skin and sometimes it may get worse than before. Some people get allergic problems from the application of vitamin E in excess. So it is better to make a trial first by applying vitamin e oil to a small part of our body. It is better to consult a doctor and to take the only required amount of vitamin E because over-consumption will affect our skin. An increase in the consumption of vitamin E in our body may also lead to bleeding in people. Consumption of antioxidants when a cancer patient is undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy will alter the effectiveness of their treatment.


In a common person’s life, it is very rare to face the problem of deficiency in vitamin E. If we face such a problem then it will be connected to other diseases such as improper digestion of fat or its absorption. Crohn’s disease, cystic fibrosis, and some of the rare genetic diseases are diseases we will face when we have a deficiency of vitamin E in our body.

There should be some amount of fat in our body to help the digestion and absorption of vitamin E in our body. Nerve damage, loss of feeling in the arms and legs due to muscle damage, loss of our body movements control, weakness in muscles and problems in vision, etc. are some of the problems that we will face if there is a deficiency of vitamin E in our body. And we may also face the problem of weakness in the function of the immune system due to vitamin E deficiency.

You have read Benefits of Vitamin E. Hence, it is very important to keep a sufficient level of vitamin E in our body for good health. Do not take vitamin E supplements without consulting your doctor. A doctor can ask you some simple questions or get the blood tests done to know the level of vitamin E. Excess of it is also bad. So it is necessary to consult your doctor.

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