5 Worst Habits That Drain Your Energy

5 Worst Habits That Drain Your Energy

5 worst habits that drain your energy
worst habits that drain your energy

Worst habits that drain your energy I know that things are coming back to normal and it will take time but the effect that this lockdown had on us is still there. I won’t completely blame lockdown for the emotional and mental instability of people but it’s just that lockdown made things worse. I just want to say that don’t ignore yourself. Don’t let your feelings and thoughts drain your energy. This reminds me of my topic that I’ll be talking about today. Hence the topic of the hour today is HABITS THAT DRAIN YOUR ENERGY …

A research was conducted to figure out why we repeat certain mistakes that harm us and hope to develop positive habits. Even in certain articles, you will find out we humans get easily attracted towards bad habits rather than good ones. I wanted to know how to get rid of them. Moreover, I think this is a topic that might be troubling a lot more people like me. Hence I decided to write an article about it by specifically picking out some habits that are draining our energy and need to be eradicated soon. So below are some habits that are in an urgent need to end. The 5 worst habits that drain your energy.


Or you can also say, energy vampires. That’s a cooler term I found for such people. In broader words these people are the ones who feed on your willingness to listen and care for them, leaving you exhausted and overwhelmed. These people force you to see the bad in every situation. Don’t let yourself become prey to them. They have a habit of demeaning you and will keep on reminding you about your failures and also pushing you back towards slumber even if you try to come out. Such people should be instantly removed from your thoughts. You got to keep a closer check on the people whom you hang out with. If you have even the slightest of thoughts regarding anybody, try staying away from them. You can also try doing this when you feel low- Mindfulness coloring and Mandalas art therapy for reducing stress and anxiety


worst habits that drain your energy
poor sleeping habits

As I mentioned above, the world is trying to stand back on its feet. For it to get normal we need to work hard. Harder than we usually do. The habit of sleeping late and waking up early has only gotten worse. Whether it be because of your work or due to our addiction to the technology that has provided us with several different choices, shows can keep us awake and engrossed. But the only thing that got disturbed very badly because of this is our sleeping patterns.

I don’t know about you people but do you ever experience tiredness due after waking up. That irritated attitude, grumpy look, dull skin that’s all because of inconsistent sleeping patterns. I know adopting a habit is very easy but undoing it is way difficult. However, you must know that if there is something that is affecting not only your physical health but also mental health try to undo it. For a start make sure that you sleep for at least 8 hours a day. That’s the minimum time your brain needs to restart and refresh. Don’t pressurize it. Give it time to rest.


Junk food is harmful in many ways. This fried stuff is low in nutrients, high in fats, and low in fiber. They tend to slow down our digestion process and also they displace energy-boosting nutrients from our diet and as a result potentially draining our energy levels for a long time. These changing times we don’t even have enough time to cook a good meal for ourselves. Due to the lack of good educational institutes in their hometowns the youth have to stay far far away from their place and live on food that should be prepared instantly. As a result, the building blocks of our society are being destroyed with this junk food.

The best way to get rid of this habit is by discovering healthy food products that not only get prepared in less time but are also tasty and not harmful. Awareness should be spread letting people know how harmful junk food can be. Try to make enough time for yourself that you get to make some good healthy food. Plus it will even save you money. Good health and saving I guess this should be tempting enough. 


I would like to explain this point by giving my example. On average we have 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts crossing our minds per day. Out of these majority of them are negative. I am a person who is always stuck between past mistakes and future expectations. It’s like I tend to let myself get stuck in the past. Thinking about the mistakes that I committed and pondering upon what will happen next. But what I forget is the fact that these things are destroying my mental peace. I won’t say thinking about the future is bad. It’s good you should be determined enough and have a focused goal. But don’t let it disturb your mental state.

It’s important to understand that you can’t undo what’s already done then let bygones be bygones. Instead of pondering and suffocating yourself let the thoughts be out. Start maintaining a diary. This is something I do to deal with this. Jot down all your thoughts. This way you can even relate as to what exactly is bothering you and find a good solution to overcome it. Don’t let your mind stuck, just learn to move on. Know your You-nique way to de-stress


worst habits that drain your energy
overthinking leads to stress

Do you guys know that habits are the foundation on which our further character is made? It is we who choose how we want to be as a person. It’s upon us whether we want to improve ourselves, maintain excellence or contribute to our discontent. 

OVERTHINKING is one such bad habit that can easily take a toll on our mind and body. Now, what exactly is overthinking. You might have heard people saying that you exaggerate a situation or dramatize a situation but what they don’t see is that it is a battle. Battle with our inner head. It has the power to drain your energy, wear you out physically and you end up feeling low, lethargic, sad. Overthinking leads to stress and even kills your desire to do what you were expected and instead you end up alone messed up. It makes you question your worth. You start blaming yourself for everything and as a result, you become a broken person. 

That’s why I mentioned that it is very much necessary to drain out the toxic thoughts that are there in your mind before they start disturbing you. Activities like yoga, meditation, help from trusted people can help you in dealing with this habit. Know how to meditate at home. For a start, you can make yourself realize the need to overcome this toxic habit. Because half the battle is already won when you know that you won’t let these thoughts consume you. There will be times when your own overthinking will make you realize that you will fail but don’t let that lower down your efforts. There is nothing that can be won. You just need to dedicate yourself to it.


On the whole, I just wanna say that if you want to conquer the world you first need to find these inner demons who are utilizing your energy. The energy that should be used in doing something good should not be wasted. We are the youth and the foundation of our society. We must remain clear-headed only then we will be able to make it a better place to survive. So stop these worst habits that drain your energy and lead an active life.


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