5 Tips for nail care after nail extensions and nail art.

5 Tips for nail care after nail extensions and nail art.

As all of us know, our generation is a more partying generation. Though covid-19 has made us sit within the four walls during the lockdown, we started to come out and enjoy life in its best way. Lockdown has brought a way to attract people to new trends and fashion. Nail extension and nail art are some of the most exciting styles now. Many beauty parlors around us provide the service of nail extension and nail art. Some people among us have learned to do the service within the home itself. So it’s been more accessible and more fun to use them. Some women don’t use makeup on their faces, but they will wish to try nail extension once in a while. Because it makes their hands look beautiful all the time. Toda this article is all about nail care after nail extensions and nail art.

What happens after nail extension or nail art and after their removal

We all know that our nails are not much better to see and don’t feel good after removing nail extensions or nail art. The pain we get after their removal is proper but worthwhile. It is for the glamour and prettiness they give to our nails after their extension or after using nail art on them. Some of us wish to do nail extensions or nail art. But they are frightened of the pain after nail extension and after their removal. So let me tell you that nail extension doesn’t cause any pain. But if you are doing it for the first time, your first experience may vary from others. Our body will react to the process that is happening for the first time. We will feel like carrying a burden on our nail beds and get little pain during the first process. But it’s only for the first time. After that, our body will start to cooperate with the change.

Nail art makes our nails look more gorgeous than ever. But we suffer from the same damages after their removal too. Though we wish to fix nail extension for a lifetime, it only lasts for three to four weeks, meaning one month. The discomfort and damages we feel after the removal of nail extension and nail art are actual. Our natural nail grows after this process, but they will be weaker and get breaks soon.
So my lovely ladies here, I’ll give some tips to nail care after removing their extension or after the removal of nail art. Just have a look and enjoy the reading;

nail art and nail extensions
Nail care after nail extensions and nail art


The continuous process of nail extension or nail art one after another will make our nail beds more sensitive, and they’ll lose their capability of growing nails stronger. And thus, a minor hit on nails will lead to their bleeding. So it is better to give a break for continuous nail extension and give them free time. Fix a gap between one extension to another that will provide a space for them to enjoy their surroundings naturally.


However, nails are grown taller during the extension process. So it is better to cut them shorter after the procedure. It can protect our nails from getting damaged. Even if we choose to grow them taller, they will grow taller but will be weaker. If we use to cut them, it will help to remove the dead nails and thereby it helps to grow stronger nails that are more unbreakable than the usual one.


The nail will be dry and damaged after using chemicals on them. So it is better to moisturize them with serums like nail oils and to apply cuticle oil on them. It will keep them nourishing. The usage of cuticle oil is limited to twice a day. You can use nail cream all over the day whenever you feel like your nail is getting dry. Such usage will help to restore health for our nails, and they will also get softer. It is an important part of your nail care.


Our nail has gone through many hard times during their extension and nail art process. They didn’t get a gap to breathe due to the heavy coat they applied during such a process. We can’t replenish our damaged nail in one night. It takes time. Slowly it will get to the natural phase. Thus using a nail strengthener daily will help fill our nails with the help of their transplanted thicker coating. After their usage, you can see your natural nail growing stronger within a month or a couple of weeks.


As all of us know that even we use makeup and other methods for our skin to make them glow externally but the internal growth plays a major role on our skin. The nourishment we give to our body internally through eating various diets will last longer than the external one. The same procedure we should follow when it comes to the matter of our nail care. Because the nails are also a part of our body and thus the internal growth we provide for them will last for a more extended period than the external one. Omega-3 and biotin play a significant role in the growth of nails. So it is better to consume foods that will increase the amount of omega-3 and biotin in our body. The diets like peanuts, almonds, sweet potatoes, and avocado contain a high amount of omega-3 and vitamin E. Beyond all these foods, water remains a permanent source for keeping our body hydrated and growing our nails.

So, follow these tips for nail care if you want to try or re-do nail extensions and nail art. This way you can enjoy the nails fashion without any worries.

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