16 Causes of Increasing Mental Health Problems

16 Causes of Increasing Mental Health Problems

Mental health
Mental health is as important as physical health

Causes of Increasing Mental Health Problems – Mental health is a person’s state of mind where they realize their abilities or problems while comparing to the normal life. Due to mental health coping capabilities, people can cooperate with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and can contribute to his or her community. Subjective well being, perceived self-efficacy, autonomy, competence, inter generational dependence, and self-actualization of one’s intellectual and emotional potential are part of mental health. Mental health also includes a person’s ability to enjoy their life in their way and also to create a balance between the efforts we put into work and the activities we make for achieving psychological resilience. Mental health is also affected by cultural differences subjective assessments and competing professional theories, etc.

16 Causes Of Increasing Mental Health Problems


A healthy relationship is good for our mental health as well as for our physical health conditions. While being in a bad relationship will affect not only our mental health but will also lead to physical health problems. A study revealed that a sad, bad, high stress and relationship with lots of problems lead to heart problems. Thus, heart problems can be a fatal heart attack and other, etc. A bad relationship is those who don’t trust each other or always have doubt about each other.

Excessive jealousy, possessive, anger on your partner and feeling insecure are also a symptom of a bad relationship. We don’t need to change ourselves for each other. A good and healthy relationship means accepting each other and loving each other the way you are. So it is better to correct the problems in the relationship or else to give an end to such a relationship.


Love is magical. We make much help to our loved ones. We sacrifice our happiness only to see them happy. The death of such a loved one will have a very shocking effect on our brain. It will lead a person to face mental health problems. Such a heartbreak will increase blood pressure, we will face heart attacks, depression, anxiety disorders, stress, and also panic disorders.


Current generation is an escaping generation. If they can’t face failure, then people only choose suicide as the best method. This is a rubbish thought and foolishness. Choosing suicide is the worst decision. Failures are common in life. We grow when we fall. People who commit suicide are never appreciated. People should share or cry out all the pain, and should not dare to kill themselves. We should always remember that Universe Listens.


Grief is a normal method of reaction to an incident, accident, or a huge loss. This reaction can be anger, tears, guilty, anxiety, sadness or loud cry, etc. People pass through such an excessive emotional reaction when their heart hits with lots of pain. This pain can be caused through the death of someone closer to us, divorce, loss in business, failure in exams, heartbreak, or else when a person loses their job. It is ok to have grief, but it should not be long lasting. Otherwise, sooner or later it will affect your mental health. Hence, grief should be short term.


A child with poor learning abilities is likely to face mental health problems. This is not a complete mental health problem. This can be rectified through proper treatment. Learning disabilities arrive in childhood, but mental health problems can be faced at any time depending on a person’s mood. We should never compare our child with others and should always appreciate what he is able to do. You can understand How to make your children learn without making them feel weaker.

mental health
Appreciate your child


It is one of the common health problems that people face. These issues were raised due to the unrealistic standards of an ideal body in society. This issue causes depression, anxiety, anger and other, etc. It will also create additional problems of being avoided from people’s view for poor body image. These days we can see on social media, that we appreciate or follow only those people who look good and attractive. This sometimes depresses people with less attractive looks. But we should understand, that 90 percent of people on social media show their fake side, the edited stories, and only the picture that shows their happening life. Very few show the real and unedited or disturbed life in social media. We have also dicussed about Body Shaming in one of our articles.


Some people have inferiority complex. It is caused by the feeling of a person that they are physically or psychologically poor to cooperate to their expected life. A person with an inferiority complex will always feel as discouraged or lower than others, it will lead to their failure in life. It is one of the causes of mental health problems. We should never feel inferior and be confident about who we are and what we are.


Stress is one of the main causes behind the mental health problems that people are majorly experiencing nowadays. Everyone among us takes a portion of stress in our daily life. A small amount of stress is helpful for us because such stress in our mind will help us to stay away from the deadline, to get prepared for tomorrow’s presentation, to act more practical and smarter, to be punctual, or to reach the given time and also to be alert in each and everything that happens in our daily life.

But over stress will lead to mental health problems. Each and everything in this world has a particular limit, so we should never cross the limit. In the same way, we should never take excessive stress in our life. There are lots of people who became mental patients due to excessive stress. Low stress is helpful, but over stress is deadly.


Feeling lonely means different for different people. Some feel happy when they are alone and away from the crowd, while some feel lonely even when they are among the crowd. It is depended upon the mentality and mood of people. Human beings are different from each other in view and feelings. All we need is to be happy, even one person in this world who cares for us, who loves us, or to ask us that how we feel and to understand our emotions. If there is no one to understand our emotions and to care for us then people might feel lonely from inside even if they are surrounded by lots of people from outside.


It is a kind of disorder in a person’s mood. Depression is said to be the change in a person’s mood every few minutes. Feeling sad, anger, crying without any reason are symptoms of depression. These kinds of interference in a person’s daily life will lead to depression and thereby to mental health problems. Depression is mainly caused by the bulk of daily hardworking, loss in business, lower productivity, high tension, and for students who take high tension for exams, etc. Depression will also influence a crash in the relationship. One person with a depression problem can break a relationship, but if the opposition is quite understanding people then they can save it from breaking up of the relationship. Depression also affects our health condition. Understand depression in the simple way.


Anxiety is a feeling of worry, fear that is very strong in a Person’s daily life. People can face anxiety when they excess worried and frightened in their daily life situations. This can happen when people are not strong enough for speaking in front of a crowd or public speaking. For students, anxiety can happen during examinations and tests. Anxiety is the only disease affected by our feelings. It comes when we are excessively feeling some things that happen in our life.


Many researchers say that if there is a depression problem in our family or if there are any family problems then there is a chance of arising depression for us. If we are surrounded by happy and healthy people then our life will be happier. In the same sense, if we are surrounded conflict environment and unhealthy people then the same effect will happen to our life.


There are lots of happy as well as sad moments in our life. Some of our life’s moments will stay in our conscious mind while some others are hidden in our unconscious mind. But nothing is erased or vanished from our hearts or mind. If a child’s childhood is passed difficultly, then or will affect to their future life. Some people get depressed due to the events happened in their past life.

14. AGE

It has been said that elderly people are more likely to face depression problems than people of small age. As experience makes a man perfect, in the same way elderly aged people have lots of tension and lots of problems in life than children. As children are covered in the safe hands of parents and elders. But as they grow up, they have to take their responsibilities. As responsibilities increases, the risk of life also increases. And in the same way, it leads to depression.


Depression is a mental health problem that causes to people when they are highly tensed, highly emotional, and highly worried in their daily life. Depression can be caused to both the Male as well as female. But some of the researchers have said that depression is mostly faced by females rather than males. Men too face many problems in their daily lives as women. Men have many responsibilities and tensions. But women take lots of stress, tension, and worries for a little thing. So depression problems are majorly faced by women. Women also face the problems like restrictions from family and lack of independence, etc.


People with health problems are likely to face depressions. Illnesses like chronic illness, chronic pain, insomnia, or Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may put people under depressive mental health problems. If our frontal lobe of the brain works less, then we may face depression problems in life. Misuse of alcohol or drugs will also affect our healthy body which will lead to depression.

So these are some basic causes of mental health problems in our lives. Always remember, If you take care of your mental health, you take care of your world.

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