15 Foods Rich in Calcium | Dairy and Non-Dairy

15 Foods Rich in Calcium | Dairy and Non-Dairy

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Calcium is one of the main nutrients that doesn’t get produced in our body. But we have to build by ourselves through the consumption of foods rich in calcium. However, vitamin-D can be produced in our bodies through sunlight. But for the development of calcium, we should eat calcium-rich foods. Calcium plays an important role in every part of our body. We have also described in our previous post, The health benefits of Calcium. So here is a list of foods that have a high amount of calcium. Eat calcium-rich foods and enjoy your diet.


Cheese contains a higher amount of calcium than any other food. Calcium has a very good ability to absorb things, and it is made very effectively with cheese. 100 mg of cheese contains 720 mg of calcium. Most of the children love to eat cheese and the flavor in it. So, eat cheese and impart calcium to your body.


Eggs are called nature’s multivitamin food. Egg contains different kinds of nutrients. Eggs also contain a powerful brain nutrient that is useful for many people because lots are suffering from its deficiency. Egg also has a unique antioxidant that helps in the protection of colon cancer. An egg is blessed with vitamins, minerals, high-quality protein, good fats and calcium, and also many other unknown nutrients. It also contains a few amounts of almost every vitamin and mineral required by the human body, including calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, manganese, vitamin E, and many more. For those people who are egg lovers, they can cook different kinds of dishes from the egg and boost up calcium to their body. In 100 grams of boiled egg, it contains 50 grams of calcium.


For the past several decades, cow milk was one of the greatest sources of the element to boost calcium in our body. Even if we see the reports regarding milk, always cow milk sale will be on the top. It is due to that many of us know the benefits of their consumption. One cup of cow milk contains 300 mg of calcium.


calcium rich foods
Almond Milk

Many people are lactose intolerant. They choose to drink almond milk to fulfill their need for calcium. Almond milk is one of the popular milk these days. This type of milk is made by blending the almonds in water and after that, the Almond paste is separated through a strainer. It leaves the milk behind. This is how almond milk is made. It contains a lot of calcium. One cup of almond milk covers 20-45% of the calcium that our body needs. It means one cup of almond milk contains 240 mg of calcium. You can checkout Almond Mild Recipe


Milk which is sweeter as compared to cow milk is Rice milk. Rice milk is made by blending the halfway milled rice with water and after that, the carbohydrates present in the rice will break down into sugar. That’s why it is considered sweet milk compared to other types of milk. Rice milk contains 283 mg of calcium in one of its cups.


Yes, don’t get confused by hearing its name. Soy milk is made from soybeans. Soybeans are soaked, ground and then it is boiled. After these procedures, the liquid provides the final soy milk. Soy milk contains 300mg of calcium in one cup.


Papaya is a multipurpose fruit. Delicious Papaya is used a lot for purposes like beauty and wellness. Many people eat papaya every day for gut health also. It contains a high amount of calcium. If we eat 100 grams of papaya, among them 20 grams are calcium in it.


kiwi is one of the most liked fruits by many of us. It contains calcium as well as it is rich in vitamin C. You can eat them or else drink it as juice. One kiwi contains 60 milligrams of calcium.


Like papaya, pineapple can also be planted within our home surroundings. Pineapple juice is tasty and delicious to drink. One pineapple contains 13 grams of calcium. You can eat it or else drink its juice.

10. Oranges

Orange is one of the favorite fruits of everyone. Even the children like to eat oranges. Oranges are tasty as well as it contains 40 grams of calcium in 100 grams of orange.


The vegetable dandelion greens are quite bitter due to the high number of nutrients that are present in them. Yes, dandelion greens contain a high number of nutrients, among the nutrient’s calcium, is one of them. These greens should be boiled and cooked later. One cup of fried dandelion greens dishes contains 147 mg of calcium.


Calcium rich foods
Calcium rich Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato is consumed as a treat by many of us. We fry them, roast them or simply boil and eat. Sweet potatoes are very nutritious and also boost our body with calcium. One cup of cooked sweet potatoes contains 89 mg of calcium.

13. KALE

The vegetable kale maybe not likely to most of us. But it contains 179 mg of calcium in one cup of boiled kale. So we should eat kale for the growth and strength of our bones as well as to live a healthy life.


Collard greens are also called powerhouses of calcium. It is a south staple vegetable. It contains 357 mg of calcium in one cup. We can eat them through boiling and frying.


Amaranth is one of the grains which contains a high amount of calcium. One cup of Amaranth grain flourishes 116 mg of calcium.

Many of us believed that only Dairy products are rich source of calcium. But it is a myth. The above mentioned foods are filled with calcium and hence we can choose our favorites from so many options available. You can also choose a good calcium supplement prescribed by your doctor if you still have low level of calcium in your body. Have a happy health.


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