12 Tips on “How to be Mentally Strong ?”

12 Tips on “How to be Mentally Strong ?”

How to be mentalyy strong
How to be mentally strong ?

How to be Mentally Strong – Howdy people!! So recently I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and came across a post which went like “My mind is my greatest strength. I lock myself in my head and tell myself I’m invisible and nobody can beat me.” And it certainly struck my mind how important it is to pay heed to our mental health. Since last year life is not going well for any of us. The lockdown, uncertain income sources, high death rate, unable to go out, and whatnot. Even today the times are not changing. Every day we get to hear how this virus is changing and is engulfing many people. Although we know the vaccine has come and is available but we don’t know how effective it is. The stress and tension are eating our mental health up.

Hence today I decided that I should again write an article on mental health. Article on How to be mentally strong?. This is a major necessity these days. It’s high time we should understand that mental health is a topic that should be taken seriously and should not be ignored. So without any delay let’s move towards our article.


Before moving forward let’s first understand what is mental strength. Mental strength is the capacity of an individual to deal with stress, challenges, pressure, and their ability to retaliate irrespective of the circumstances they are in. There are two types of people, one who seems to quickly bounce back from personal failures and setbacks, while others find it much more difficult. If you find yourself in the latter category I hope you know how important it is for you to consider this topic. Do remember that our resilience is often tested when the circumstances of our life change unexpectedly. So it’s time to brace yourself up and don’t let these circumstances mess your mental health and try to make yourself strong enough. Before beginning, you need to understand that mental strength is something that is developed over time. But you need to make sure that you make personal development your priority. Building up mental strength is kind of similar to building up physical strength. Like to see physical gains we must give up certain things like unhealthy habits, such as eating junk food, and for mental gains, give up unhealthy habits such as feeling sorry for oneself. Following are some points that I think you should follow and adopt if you want to be mentally strong.


 The foremost major thing that you need to adopt is having control. Control over your emotions and sense of life purpose. You need to start feeling comfortable in your skin and you need to be proud of yourself. Satisfied with what you are and understand the fact that you don’t have to change according to others. The major benefit here will be if you have your emotions in check then neither will you reveal your emotions to others nor will you be carried away by others’ emotions. 


Being confident means having faith in yourself. Having a belief in your ability to be productive and capable; it is your self-belief and the belief that you can influence others. It also means that you can complete tasks and have the potential to take setbacks and still know how to strike back with the same energy and also not letting that setback affect your routine. A confident person will know how to see an opportunity in every situation and know how to seize it. Being confident is a major element of mental strength. 


We need to understand the fact that we can’t change the situations happening around us. However, what we can do is not let them affect us. It is important to understand that nothing remains forever. The good times, the bad ones everything has an expiry date. You just need to make yourself adjustable enough that the good days should not make you boastful and the bad ones should not cripple you down. Start accepting that change will occur. 


how to be mentally strong
Be positive

I know looking at the recent situations we have inclined ourselves more to the negative side. Negative thoughts are the ones we tend to prefer but this is something which we need to change. With my own experience, I am narrating this, it is very easy to think negatively and let our mental health deteriorate but it takes a lot of strength to think positive. I know it will be difficult but we need to adopt this. Try to look at the situation in every way possible. If something bad happened to you try to think that how that situation changed you, how in further this will act as a lesson and you won’t opt for this way again. 


We all need to understand that running away from your emotions can be easy and can also provide you temporary relief. However, in the long run, all the unresolved issues, all untangled emotions may convert into emotional baggage. So it’s better instead of collecting all the thoughts and negativity inside let it out. Take some time out every day. Analyze your emotions and learn how to be mentally and emotionally strong. Try to understand what it is that you are feeling and why. It is very important to learn how to understand a situation and act accordingly. 


‘No means no’ we all know this sentence and now it’s time we should learn to accept it. No is a complete sentence in itself. There is no need for an explanation along with it. You need to learn to use this sentence more often. Make yourself understand that it’s not your duty to please everyone. An intelligent person is the one who knows when to stop giving people and start prioritizing yourself. If something is disturbing you then instead of bearing it learn to speak for yourself. 


In the walk of life, you will come across people who will try their best to push you off-limits. It should be our responsibility to not let those buggers irritate us and eat our mental peace. The wheel to our emotional car should be in our hands. The ones that are good for our mental health should be placed closed and the rest don’t deserve a place in our life. We should not ignore the fact that a person can have multiple faces. In situations like these, all we can do to protect ourselves is never ignore the red flags. We often make a mistake by not trusting our instincts and for momentary happiness, we tend to ignore the red flags. 


“THE BOUNDARY TO WHAT WE CAN ACCEPT IS THE BOUNDARY TO OUR FREEDOM.”― TARA BRACH. It is good to set up some boundaries for yourself. Like OK, you can handle a person up to a limit once he/she crosses that you should know that the exit door is always open. You should know your limits and make others understand them. Be direct and vocal about your thoughts. Make self-care your utmost priority. 


Understand the fact that you can’t be always perfect. You can’t be always right. Mistakes happen and we should not be afraid to make them. However, we also do understand that every mistake teaches us something. An intelligent person is the one who will understand the lesson and will not repeat it further in the future rather than letting it destroy his/her mental strength. Once you learn the art of learning from your mistakes rather than considering them a burden half your job is done. 


Physical and mental well-being goes hand in hand. If we are physically strong it will be easier to conquer the mentally strong thing. All you need to do is Exercise regularly, Include Meditation in your daily routine, eat a balanced diet, Get at least 8 hours of sleep every day, drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses per day. Remember you should be your priority. 


You people might have heard the saying that quitting is for losers. But what this saying forgets to include is quitting too soon is for losers. When you have tried every possible thing to do a thing right and still you are not getting fruitful results then it’s better that you quit. It is very important to learn when to stop bestowing your energy on a task or a person is important to know how to be mentally and emotionally strong. Quitting in such situations can be the best option. It shouldn’t matter what others might think because ‘only the wearer knows where the shoe hurts. So instead of thinking about others think about yourself and your mental peace. 


It’s high time that we need to understand, asking for help won’t make you small. We know we are strong enough and can sail the ocean ourselves but there will be times when you will stumble and at that time asking for somebody’s help to stand up will not make you weak. If we keep on stuffing ourselves with problems and negativity then one day our jar will blast. It’s necessary to understand that we should timely let our emotions and feelings out. Talk to your friends, family or even take professional help if required. There is no shame in asking for help; it will only make you stronger enough to tackle the upcoming problems.

Concludingly I would like to say no one is born strong. It’s the journey of life, the hurdles, the mistakes that make us strong. Nothing lasts forever. Happiness, sadness everything comes with a limit. It’s you who need to know how to handle it. How to take it. Every situation has an opportunity. You just need to learn how to seize it. Every mistake tends to teach us something. Instead of letting yourself down, blaming yourself for committing that mistake try to learn from that mistake and grow out of it. Quoting the lyrics from Katty Perry’s song fireworks 

‘You just gotta ignite the light

And let it shine

Just own the night

Like the Fourth of July

‘Cause baby, you’re a firework

Come on, show ’em what you’re worth’…

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