Top 10 Travel Essentials For Women

Top 10 Travel Essentials For Women

Travel Essentials for Women
“A woman’s handbag looks small, but, it can carry her whole personal world inside”

Best 10 Travel Essentials For Women

Travel Essentials For Women: This topic is for all those women who spend most of the time of the day outside their house like at their respective job places, who travel a lot and need to carry travel essentials in a handbag. Who is required to go out at any point of time or even for women who just go out to spend some good time for shopping or lunch or dinner, well be it any type of visit you make, any type of situation good or bad can come up when you are not even expecting.

A woman should always keep some important things in her handbag. Some of these Travel Essentials For Women are for emergency purpose. If you have these things, ladies, you can never feel helpless or under-confident anywhere in any situation when it comes for your personal self. Below I am going to list out those 10 Travel Essentials For Women and describe their importance. We all know, a woman’s handbag can carry her whole world of personal products into it. The handbags look small but we can stuff it with all the handy things we want… 😊. These 10 Travel Essentials For Women are: 

  1.  Mobile phone with a charger or a power bank

Mobile phones and their accessories

In this busy and hectic schedule, we cannot imagine our life without our mobile phones. Those were the good old days when there used to be no mobile phones and we used to enjoy our lives in a different manner. But in the past two decades, we all have become so much dependent on our cell phones and the internet that we feel paralysed if we don’t have it with us.

But looking at today’s fast-moving times and the lifestyle it has become one of the most important things for us. Looking at the positive side it has made our lives much easier in terms of knowledge, businesses and payments etc. etc. we need it for all-purpose. It allows us to go out of the house cashless as we have many online payments app these days, and for any emergency, our phone should always be with us. Its charger or power bank is a must to be taken along we are travelling so that we don’t run out of battery.

2. A wallet with cash and ID proof

Wallet with ID proofs and some cash and cards

I don’t think I need to write much about it, as we all know the importance of our wallet and ID proofs. You should carry them all the time, even if you go out for a minute. It has all the cash and credit and debit cards plus our Identity proofs. We are nobody without them.  So just don’t even imagine your outing without the wallet that has the most important things needed outside. Always carry it with yourself.

3.  Your mini makeup essentials

Choose your Mini makeup essentials and make a small kit

well, who doesn’t want to look good and fresh all the time? I am sure every woman does. So just prepare a mini makeup kit of your favourite light makeup products that always help you look fresh and enhance your beauty whenever you need. You can choose on the go products and can always buy a mini packaging of that which is nowadays always available in all the brands. They are also known as Travel Packs.

A mini makeup kit should include a mini primer, foundation or bb cream, a compact powder, blush, lip colour or balm or a gloss, kohl and a face mist, small perfume and a compact mirror. You have them in your mini makeup kit in your handbag and you are all set to attend any kind of event. So just prepare one kit for yourself as soon as you can. 😊

4. Sun protection must-haves

Sunglasses to protect your eyes
Sunscreen to protect your skin

You all know how harmful the sun rays are for our skin and our eyes. A whole lot of people get affected by the sun in some or the other way. No doubt that it is important for our body to get some sunlight to fulfill the need of vitamin D, but we must always keep ourselves protected from harmful UV rays that damage our skin and even our eyes.

To protect your skin, you should always apply sunscreen and always carry it with yourself if you are going out for a longer duration to prevent you skin from getting damaged and pigmented. Always apply it after every 3 hours if you are having direct sunlight exposure for longer duration. This will keep your skin healthy by preventing it from harmful UV rays. The SPF of your sunblock depends on your skin type and the duration of the exposure. We all should understand the Importance of a sunscreen.

Another important thing what many people ignore our sunglasses to protect our eyes and the skin around eyes. Sunglasses are not just for a fashion statement; they are a savior.  Harmful sun rays also affect our eyes and many people get headache and other issues. They need to protect their eyes but they don’t. Not using sunglasses can trigger migraine in many people which they don’t realise . So, buy for yourself a good sun glass to ban the rays and start wearing them. They do save your eyes. And don’t leave your house without your sunglasses specially if it’s a bright day.

5.  Personal hygiene products

A woman has a lot of personal hygiene requirements. First and foremost she should always have a sanitary napkin or a tampon with her in the bag which I am sure most women keep with them. Other things include a toilet spray which is always important to be sprayed on toilets seats before using it at public places just to decrease the chances of catching a UTI and other germs since a lot of people use the same toilet in public places.

These days be it a man or a woman, we should also carry a hand sanitizer, a mask and gloves for our hygiene as you all know how coronavirus or covid-19 has affected the whole world. We cannot leave our home without these things. So be safe and be healthy. God knows when we are going to get rid of this. So just don’t leave your home without these personal hygiene products.

6.  Medicines

Medicines for your ongoing treatments or emergency medicines

A woman should always be up to date with her treatments and medications to avoid any type of problems they can face in future.  They should never be skipped, no matter what. Along with this, the emergency medicines should always be carried along in handbag like those for headaches, vomiting, painkillers, paracetamol, etc.

When you are going for a short outing you can skip carrying medicines. But when you are going out for a long visit or need to travel, you must carry the medicines according to what your health concern is for which you are taking medicines plus the emergency medicines of which you can feel the need anytime.


7.  A diary and a pen


A diary and a pen to note down the important things

In today’s time, everybody has a smartphone that can store any type of data you want. Everything comes handy in it. But still sometimes somewhere you can always need a diary and a pen or a small piece of paper to note down some important thing. A mobile phone is just a machine that can also get damaged or even stop working sometimes. And also, sometimes for the safety or privacy reason, women don’t want to share their contact numbers, so at that point of time, you can simply take out your diary and pen a write the message and just pass on that slip to the required person. You can also make some important notes in your diary or your things to do. So never forget to leave your home without a diary and a pen.


8. Hair accessories


some hair accessories

Hair accessories are the little things that mean a lot for women to manage their hair. Women love to style their tresses according to the event they have to attend or the place they are going to. For the workplace they always want a clean look hairstyle, for a party, they want a casual looking hairstyle, for a workout in a gym they want to feel very comfortable and don’t want their hair to disturb them while working out, so simply tying them up in a high pony or a bun is the best option. So, the hair styling is chosen accordingly and they always need head band, a scrunchie, a hair clutches etc and of course a comb.

Thus, these are tiny plus important things for a woman to be prepared for any type of event or an outing. Sometimes they are required to go from one place to another and don’t get enough time to change the look. So, keeping the hair accessories in a bag will always help.

9. Your favourite thing to pass your time

There are always some or the other hobbies or activity that we all like to do all the time. If your hobby is doing something that comes handy, then you can always take them along in your bags. Like a book to read, a small coloring book as some people like mindful coloring that makes them feel relax, a puzzle book, your ear pods to listen to music, and I pad or a tab, etc. Some women like to carry their small kits for nails which includes a nail filer or a nail paint. Some people like writing some or the other thing. It all depends on what you like to do for a time pass specially when you are travelling. 

10. A self-defense product

pepper spray
such as a pepper or chili spray

We all know how important it is to always stay safe in any situation. A woman should always be concerned about her safety due various types of crime that can take place anywhere.

She should always be alert according to the surroundings. There are a lot of self defense products that comes in a tiny package such as a pepper spray, a chilli spray etc. you can always take them anywhere and can use them only if someone troubles you in an unacceptable manner. Self-defence is very important for women. There are also different types of tiny self-defence gadgets available online that you can order from different website which don’t even need a license to carry. So always keep one with yourself in a bag or a car. The gadget or a product should be of such kind that do not put you in a legal trouble and should always be used cautiously only for the correct situation.

You should never use them for the verbal situations that you can handle easily. So, carry them if you feel you should.

 My dear ladies, I hope by now you have realised that which of these products are missing in your hand bag and how important it is for you to carry them. These things will not only make you worry free for any type of personal need but it will also make you feel like a smart and a confident woman who can go alone and be her own partner in travel. So, go ahead and pack your handbags with all these products of your choice and you are all set to leave your home for an outing, be it short or long duration. You can always add or reduce any of these products according to your needs and situation……have a happy outing… 😊

” Happiness is a perfect handbag”

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