10 Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Good Health

10 Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Good Health

Essential vitamins and minerals for good health
Essential vitamins and minerals for good health

Vitamins and minerals for good health– I hope you all are fine and are doing your best to get through these difficult times. I know you might think that is easy for me to say but it is way more difficult to adjust and keep that zeal to live. But honestly, I just want to motivate you, people, to do your best because trust me good times will come back. Just hang in there!

Keep yourself healthy both inside and out. This is so because the people who are healthy inside and out are the ones for whom it will be a bit easier to get through this. Today my article is all about vitamins that are very essential for our body to consume to remain healthy. Hence the name of my article is 10 Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Good Health. So as I always say, consider your health the priority because if you’ll be healthy then only you can save the world. 

⚫ Importance of Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are organic compounds that are necessary for our body to perform all the essential activities. Such Activities like growing tissues, regulating metabolism, and maintaining a healthy immune system. 

According to research that was conducted in 2002 found out that vitamin deficiency can further lead to chronic diseases. A daily dose of vitamins and minerals and other compounds can provide you a healthy body. It can also prepare you to deal with issues like stress, poor sleep, no regular exercise. Now many would suggest that medicines can deal with your deficiency in vitamins but according to many doctors instead of relying on medicines we should look for these in food products. We should plan our plan in a way that we get all the required vitamins. 

10 Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Good Health

vitamins and minerals
vitamins and minerals keeps you healthy

1. Magnesium

Magnesium is a mineral that plays an important role in muscle contractions and also helps in their soothing. It also acts as a muscle relaxant and further helps in the absorption of vitamins, calcium, etc in our body. The food products that can provide our body Magnesium are spinach and other leafy greens, almonds, and beans.

2. Calcium

Calcium is yet another essential mineral for our bones and teeth health. The natural products that provide our body the much-needed calcium are dairy milk and fortified plant-based kinds of milk including almond and cashew milk. Read about Dairy & Non-dairy foods rich in Calcium

3. Vitamin C

As we all know a healthy immune system is a very important thing these days and this vitamin helps in fostering a healthy immune system. This water-soluble vitamin also acts as an antioxidant. The food products in which we can find vitamin C are Orange juice, cherries, red peppers, kale, and grapefruit are some examples.

4. Vitamin B12

This vitamin is termed as one of the most essential as this coenzyme is necessary for the conversion of food into energy. The storehouse of these vitamins are pills, liquids, and even injections. However, it is highly suggested that this vitamin can be absorbed from food products like beef, chicken, fish, eggs, and fortified breakfast cereals. 

5. Omega-3

This fatty acid is necessary for maintaining cardiovascular health, brain function, and mood. This beneficial vitamin is found in products like fish, fish oil, Algal oil, or hemp seeds. Know more about Omega-3 benefits, dosage & deficiency

6. Vitamin D

If you guys read the precautions for covid-19 you will find that there they even mentioned that every person should stand in sunlight for at least half an hour. This is so because when your skin is exposed to sunlight it produces vitamin D. Now you might be thinking about what it exactly does? Vitamin D is good for our bones and colon health. Apart from sunlight, we can obtain it from certain food products too. The food products are broccoli, egg yolks, cereals, and fatty fish.

7. Iron

Iron is the one that is responsible for the red color of our blood. The deficiency of this metal is known as anemia and causes problems like lupus. Food products that contain Iron are clams, liver, beans, and spinach.

8. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is good for our eyes and it further makes our body strong and prepares it for a fight against chronic diseases. This fat-soluble vitamin is found in food products like carrots and similarly pigmented products and also found in meat, especially the liver. 

9. Potassium

Potassium is an electrolyte that plays a vital role in keeping our body hydrated. Apart from it, potassium also helps in managing blood pressure. Although it is very difficult to find enough amount of potassium in food products. Hence it is suggested that we should go for the medications that can supplement our body with it. However, it is suggested that we should avoid medications as much as possible and try to look for food products that can provide us potassium. 

10. Co-Q10 (also known as Ubiquinol) 

This coenzyme which is also known as Ubiquinol is necessary for our body as it maintains our heart health, increases blood oxygenation, and acts as a potent antioxidant. Food sources include liver, peanuts, shellfish, beef, legumes, spinach, broccoli, and cauliflower.

So guys here is a list of 10 essential vitamins and minerals for good health. If your body has insufficiency or deficiency of these minerals, you should consult your Doctor before taking supplements for any of these. Doctor may also ask you for certain tests before recommending you the type of medication and supplements. Our body requires a lot more care than we think. It’s my humble request to you all to please take care of yourself which includes consuming a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, maintaining proper hygiene, going out with a mask and sanitizer and if you are experiencing any kind of symptoms please consult your doctor’s immediately. Stay healthy 

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