10 Best Skincare Devices for Home in 2021

10 Best Skincare Devices for Home in 2021

2020-2021 has given the world a plethora of beauty and skincare devices that can be used domestically. Due to the pandemic, people across countries have adapted to be self-sufficient in personal hygiene and grooming. Earlier, we had to make frequent visits to medical experts for facial or skin care treatments that took more than one session. With functional advancement in the skincare industry, we can perform almost every treatment or regimen in the comfort of our homes. Here I bring you the 10 Best Skincare Devices for Home 2021

1. Gua Sha and Jade Roller

Gua sha and Jade roller help to sculpt your facial features like cheekbones and jawline. They create pressure and stretch simultaneously that stimulates blood flow, and brings oxygen to the skin’s surface. Jade rollers and Gua sha stones help relieve facial tension and promote lymphatic flow; move waste fluids away from a tense area by applying pressure. They come in different colors and shape that fits around the facial curves to amplify the benefits. 

Gua sha is usually made of natural and non-porous jade stones. Ancient Chinese healers used this marble stone to heal the skin. Jade rollers can be best used to reduce eye puffiness and relaxation. The best way to use them is to massage your face with a suitable serum or face oil, begin the massage from the neck, and then move upwards to your forehead, neck, jawline, cheeks, and nose. Then the eye contour area and forehead should be the last. You can apply pressure as you like but be gentle to your skin. After you’re done, gently clean the stone with a dry cloth. 

They cost around Rs. 1000 each. For best results, use it three times a week along with a healthy diet. 

2. Facial toning device

The facial toning device is the at-home microcurrent device that primarily works on tightening your skin muscles. They are helpful to uplift your face, erase the sagginess, and reduce wrinkles caused by aging. This device can be used every day for overall skin health.

The device has gained cult-like followers among celebrities, beauty influencers, and experts. This FDA-approved device is rechargeable and can be carried around in your purse. Skincare anywhere, who doesn’t like that! It improves skin contour and tone with the non-invasive solution. The facial toning device is safe for all skin types. You can use it five days a week for 60 days and then reduce it to 3 days a week for glowing skin. A suitable quality toning device might cost you almost Rs. 32,000.

To use this device, you should clean your face, remove makeup or any other impurities, and start applying a gel primer. The gel primer conducts micro-currents directly to the muscles, and it should be applied to one area at a time. Next, turn on your device and use it as directed. You can adjust the intensity on the device until you feel comfortable with the maximum level. Finally, clean off any access gel with a wipe or damp cloth once you’re done.

3. Cupping

It is safe to assume that many of us are aware of cupping therapy; special cups are used to create suction on your skin to increase blood flow and relaxation. However, the idea is not just limited to a relaxed session; it does more for your skin and body, like skin brightening, relaxing muscle tension, alleviates collagen production, releases pain and inflammation. The therapy was mostly done for the whole body, but the same concept is now available for your face. The treatment dates back to ancient cultures where it was used to treat various skin disorders and health problems like high blood pressure, migraines, acne, or any blood disorder. 

The new at-home face cupping is much less intense than the body cupping therapy. The facial cups are generally small and softer and rejuvenate the skin without leaving any cup marks. Over time your complexion improves along with diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. Cleanse your skin before using the cups on your skin and sterilize the cups after each use. They can infect your skin if they’re dirty, and we don’t want that.

Just like using a dropper, you start by pinching the cup and pressing it on your skin – then let go. This creates a seal on your skin and a vacuum. However, unlike in body cupping, you should drag the cup along your skin to get the massage action and preventing any nasty marks or bruising. You can also follow the instruction that comes with the kit to get the most out of this at-home therapy. In addition, you can consult a doctor before buying the cups since they differ in color and size. They can also answer any questions you might have and guide you with proper techniques.

skincare devices

4. Derma roller 

I recently covered this trend on one of my blogs about micro-needling – a therapy where a micro-needling device pricks your skin with tiny sterilized needles. It treats skin concerns like sun damage, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, or stretch marks via collagen production for firmer, smoother, and more toned skin. A dermatologist initially carried out the process, but it can be done at home with little training. 

Derma rollers are easily accessible, effective, and can be used at home with little training. Multiple brands sell derma rollers, but you should purchase from a trusted retailer; they are relatively inexpensive. There are different types of needle sizes, the best for over-the-counter purchase is a 0.5, and anything over that is suited for clinical use.

Derma rolling can be used for several concerns. Some people use it to reduce the natural sign of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles, while others may use it to minimize pores over the face and reduce sebum production. Although the process is relatively similar for at-home and in-office treatment, there can be a significant difference in results. Microneedling causes a low level of trauma on the skin with deep needling and creates tiny pricks while rolling the device on the skin. Derma rollers are cheaper and convenient than micro needling; you just need to know how to use them to get the most out of them. Once you master that, say hello to that spectacular skin!

5. Multifunction skincare device

As the name can suggest, a multifunction skincare device covers several skincare needs. It offers four modes of operation – clean, massage, fade, and electric muscle stimulation (EMS). 

The clean mode is used to remove oil, dirt, and other impurities from your face. Second, the massage mode helps in infusing serums or moisturizers into the skin. The third mode reduces dark spots or pigmentation. The last mode, EMS, circulates the blood flow essential for the natural glow you seek. 

A standard multifunction skincare device can cost you over Rs. 4000. With a union of all essential modes in one device, you experience relaxation while your skin rejuvenates as well. 

6. Epilator

Epilators came as a savior for lazy people like me. I hate going to the salon every month to get rid of all the body hair and spending so much money. While there are several alternates to waxing, like using razors or wax strips but that’s a hassle in itself. You don’t want to use a razor every 1-2 weeks because they trim your hair just above the surface of your skin while waxing pulls the hair follicle from beneath the skin surface. Epilator works almost like a razor, but it has tweezers on its head that removes hair from the roots and leaves your skin smooth for up to 4 weeks. It is composed of high-frequency massage rollers that glide through your skin to remove hair.

In my experience, the first time I used an epilator, I did nothing but curse it due to the extreme pain, but soon you get used to it. The pain starts to shrink, and the results are as good as in-salon waxing without burning a hole in your pocket. A good quality epilator might cost you somewhere around Rs. 2000. If you want a top brand epilator that extra attachments, the price goes up to Rs. 7000. It all depends on your needs and budget. Some brands also provide a brush that cleans the shaver head. 

at home laser hair removal
At-home laser hair removal device

7. Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is yet another device that has recently boomed in the industry. It is an alternative to in-office laser hair removal treatment that usually takes more than one session. Instead of visiting the office every month, you can now buy the at-home laser hair removal device for the same treatment. You can read the instructions manual that comes with the package before using it.

A laser emits light absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair during laser hair removal. The light energy is converted to heat, which damages the tube-shaped sacs within the skin (hair follicles) that produce hairs. This damage inhibits or delays future hair growth. 

Since the laser works specific to your skin and hair color, it is advised to distinguish between multiple brands and deciding which suits your specifications. Also, these products don’t come cheap, so take advice from a dermatologist and research before investing your money. 

8. Blackhead remover vacuum

A majority of the people have dealt with nasty little black pricks on the skin, mainly on the nose, forehead, or chin area. It’s a real inconvenience to remove them – it mostly requires us to visit a salon or a dermatologist’s office to get them out of the skin. I may have looked up to a bag full of home remedies to get rid of it, but they always come back. Squeezing them also leaves an ugly dark spot which is the worst!

It was not long ago when I read about a professional blackhead remover battery-operated machine we can use at home. It’s an electric device that creates a vacuum to extract impurities and blackheads from the pores gently. And guess what! It comes cheap. Now all the money that goes into frequent salon visits can be saved for your favorite dress. Wink, wink!

The device usually comes with 3-4 interchangeable suction heads depending on your need, and it is suitable for all skin types. It also smoother fine lines, stimulates circulation, reduces blemishes, cleanses pores, and exfoliates dead skin. The only caution is to move it in one direction without keeping it in one spot for more than 3 seconds, and Voila! Say hello to spectacular skin!

Read the instructions carefully and follow them before using the regimen to see visibly significant results for better results. 

9. Facial cleanser

The face cleanser is yet another invention of face cleansing brushes with the rotating wheel. The device has bristles that disinfect the pores and remove oil and dirt. It’s a gentle massage tool that exfoliates, cleanses, and removes blackheads, makeup, dead skin cells. 

The device comes with more than one brush head depending on the brand you’re choosing. Each brush head serves a different purpose for skincare. For example, you can apply serum or moisturizers before using the brush on your face for deep infusion and stimulating the muscles on your face. The average price for a top-reviewed and quality facial cleanser is over Rs. 1000. It is a handy tool for smooth and radiant skin. 

10. Face mask maker

Face masks are an essential part of any skincare routine. The benefits of incorporating face skin in your regimen are plenty but not limited to hydration, nourishment, and providing moisture to your skin. Serum face masks are usually soaked with highly nutritious liquids which are beneficial for your skin. However, to integrate the benefit of natural ingredients, we can also use a face masks maker.

It usually comes with a machine where we can put all the ingredients like natural juice, fruits, honey, tea leaves, milk, etc. These ingredients are mixed with a collagen tablet that develops a thick liquid that dries to form a sheet on the plate included in the package. The package also has a cup, a cleaning brush, and instructions. 

It’s a must-have for people who rejoice using home remedies or readily available ingredients in their skincare routine.


I have covered the most common and readily available devices for skin or beauty care treatments. Each of them responds to a particular area of concern for your skin. One common problem that I would like to highlight is that you must constantly research and consult with your dermatologist or certified expert before using these devices on your skin. If you don’t follow the proper procedure, it can do more harm than good. In addition, always sterilize the instruments after every use to avoid infection. If you master this, you’re all set!



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