Diabetes Home Remedies: 15 Great Home Remedies to Control Diabetes

Diabetes Home Remedies: 15 Great Home Remedies to Control Diabetes

Diabetes is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs. But it’s your choice to scream or enjoy the ride.


Diabetes Home Remedies – Introduction

Diabetes Home Remedies – Welcome to another interesting post about Best Home Remedies to cure diabetes. I am sure, every diabetes patient one day would love to say, I used to have diabetes. Fight diabetes by simply making some healthy and fresh home remedies, doing it is fun and it could save your life. To continue with the topic, first, let’s understand Diabetes in short.

What is Diabetes?

 Diabetes is a degenerative disease which affects the whole system of the body. Diabetes is a condition where patients may end up with very high or even very low blood sugar. Every organ of our body suffers because of diabetes.

To understand Diabetes issues, we need to understand what a hormone is. Hormones are proteins conveyed from parts of the body called organs. They help to send messages from one spot in the body to parts that are farther away. Insulin is a hormone that advises the body to store the energy we get from the food we eat. It is made in our pancreas, a little organ found just underneath our stomach. The insulin levels go up because of the various kinds of sugar intake in your eating routine. Rising insulin levels permit sugar to be spared as energy to be utilized later.

There are two types of diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes: When you are born with that by birth and you can’t do anything except supplying insulin to your body. So, every time the insulin shots are given or this is the only management.

 Type 2 Diabetes: The body doesn’t utilize insulin well and may not make enough insulin. This is the most common form of diabetes. It is also called stress diabetes which comes after the age of 30, and so on where our lifestyle is very much responsible. We somehow live a more stressful life, doing so many wrong things. We do alcohol, smoking, and so on and the whole body suffers, because of that diabetes sets in.

The carbohydrate that we eat is broken down into sugar also known as glucose which is then absorbed by cells to produce energy. The pancreas produces a hormone called insulin that allows the cell to absorb sugar present in the bloodstream. In diabetic patients either the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or the cell receptors stop responding to the insulin. This leads to increased sugar in the bloodstream causing several complications. Firstly, cells do not get enough fuel to produce energy making you feel tired and weak all the time. Secondly, persistent high blood sugar can damage vital organs attached to the bloodstream causing blindness, heart attack, kidney failure.

So let’s understand what we should do regularly to control diabetes or what are the best home remedies to control diabetes.

10 Best Home Remedies to Control Diabetes

Drink healthy and green juices

1. Fenugreek seeds water

 Take a glass of water and 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds. You have to soak it overnight and once you get up in the morning you have to drink it. You can chew the seeds along or even you can use these seeds to make vegetables or use these seeds in whatever way you want. Take it for at least 15 days and you will see the results yourself.

2. Bitter Gourd Juice 

If you want some natural remedies Bitter Gourd is one great option. Yes, that’s right. For sure it’s the least of what you expect although it’s not a favourite of most people. This is a miracle wonder, you should not ignore. It’s been proven for years that bitter gourd is a very powerful medicine for diabetes.

For diabetic patients, this one can be counted for due to its hypoglycemic compound, which is responsible for lowering the levels of blood sugar and urine sugar. If you are diabetic it’s strongly recommended that you consider Bitter Gourd. You can also eat this cooked or uncooked but absorption of nutrition works best if taken raw. You may also make a juice out of this vegetable. It is easier to consume bitter gourd in a juice form. 

Take two Bitter Gourds, cut into pieces, put in the blender, and now add a little salt. Add about 500 ml of water. Blend it and strain the liquid. You can store the liquid for a week in the refrigerator. Now add tbsp honey,1/2 tbsp lime juice in a glass. Add 25ml Bitter Gourd juice, Stir well. Healthy Bitter Gourd juice is ready. Drink one glass every morning on empty stomach. This is the best Home Remedy for Diabetes.

3. Jamun

 Jamun is also known as Java Plum or Indian blackberry. It’s the most popular anti-diabetic food in Ayurvedic medicine. Apart from its rich antioxidant properties, it contains jambulan that has been shown to slow down the conversion of starch to sugar.

4. Cinnamon Water

The bioactive compound in cinnamon can help to stop and battle diabetes. Cinnamon can control glucose levels by animating the action of insulin. Its powder is a good home remedy for curing diabetes. Cinnamon improves insulin sensitivity and it helps to lower blood sugar .what you need to do? Boil about a glass of water, in that, add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, allow it to simmer for just about five minutes, after that simmer. Just strain the mixture and take this mixture every day in the morning.

5. Aloe Vera juice

  It is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. It can be burned-through to bring down your glucose levels. Aloe Vera juice could have several advantages for people with diabetes. Taking Aloe Vera gel will facilitate people to come through fasting blood glucose levels, as well as reduction of body fat and weight.

6. Amla or Indian Gooseberry

One of the richest sources of vitamin C, Amla can help to control blood sugar levels. Amla could be a customary cure which will facilitate to keep glucose at a consistent level and prevent spikes after dinners. Amla or Indian gooseberry is for the most part suggested by well being professionals as an overall tonic and as a skin treatment. Consume it in the sort of powder or pickle. Also, you can make amla juice.

Take two to three de-seeded fresh Indian gooseberries; Crush it to make a paste. Now with the help of muslin cloth or sieve, extract its juice. Take a glass of water. Add the juice to it and mix this well. Drink this daily. 

7. Drumsticks

Drumsticks’ leaves are wealthy in enemies of oxidants. It additionally has provocative properties and assists to maintain normal glucose levels. It is a natural way to manage Diabetes. Drumsticks leaves are rich in ascorbic acid, which prompts an expansion in insulin discharge in the body, in this way lessening glucose levels.

8. Mango Leaves

Take one glass of water in a vessel, wash and add 10 to 15 tender fresh mango leaves. Soak the leaves in water overnight, strain the water in a glass, drink this water daily on an empty stomach. Mango leaves can be used to treat diabetes as it regulates the insulin levels in the blood. It can also help improve blood lipid profiles.

9. Cowfoot leaf

It is another popular hope used to treat diabetes as per Ayurveda. In a study, the extract from the cowfoot plant was given daily to patients along with oral hypoglycemic drugs which improved blood sugar control. The extract on the leaves of the bail food has been an age-old cure for diabetes. Simply have it with a pinch of black pepper first thing in the morning, which help to reduce blood glucose level significantly. 

10. Turmeric

Turmeric has excellent medicinal properties but did you know the turmeric can potentially control as well as prevent diabetes too. Many research suggests that a turmeric help stabilize blood sugar level. Take a glass of warm milk and add half a teaspoon of turmeric powder. You should drink the one class of this drink every day. You can drink it either in the morning or before going to bed.

Foods to control diabetes

home remedies
Be careful about what to eat

It is hard to plan an eating plan for diabetes patients. This is because all the fruits are not good for them. Numerous vegetables may not appear to be starchy yet they can spike your glucose levels. For instance, potato is a vegetable that is effectively recognized as bland. Yet would you be able to figure that vegetables like beetroot or carrot can’t be a piece of an eating routine for diabetes patients? Eating the correct sort of nourishment when experiencing diabetes can assist you in dealing with your condition.

1. Spinach

 Spinach is outstandingly useful for diabetics regardless of whether you eat it in generally huge amounts. This water-solvent veggie negligibly affects glucose, making it a decent food to pick if you are following a diabetic eating regimen that is wealthy in fiber and protein.

2. Turmeric

 Its active ingredient Curcumin can bring down inflammation and blood sugar levels. Turmeric can prevent type 2 diabetes in combination with diet and exercise. It can also help to reduce the danger of diabetes from being present in your body.

3. Greek Yogurt: It has Probiotics that improve blood sugar control and reduce heart disease risk.

4. Lentils: Rich in resistant starch, a type of Crab that has a very minimal impact on your blood sugar levels.

5. Nuts: Contains fibre and are low in digestible carbs.

6. Broccoli: Contains Sulforaphane, Which triggers several Anti-Inflammatory processes that control blood sugar control.

7. Garlic: Can lower fasting blood glucose which is your blood sugar level, when you haven’t eaten.

8. Fenugreek leaves or Methi: The Greens from the fenugreek plant are very useful in controlling diabetes. These help to lower glucose levels in the blood.

9. Ladyfinger or okra: The gooey liquid that comes out when you cut Okra helps regulate blood sugar so soak sliced okra in a glass of water and drink it early in the morning. It’s also suggested to help manage blood sugar.

10. Berries

It is unnecessary to explain the notable health benefits of berries packed with antioxidants. They assist you to fight against oxidative pressure thus protecting you from various cancers and toxic metabolites Blueberries have a great measure of collagen-building supplement that forestalls the hardening of the joints in diabetes patients and is also known as anti-aging berries. In one examination it was claimed that strawberries help in killing liver cancer cells. Blackberries have the potential to keep a good check on the cholesterol levels of a diabetic patient.

11. Apricots

There is a solid point why I am in such an extensive amount of favor for this extraordinary fruit for the diabetics. It’s sweet and is packed with vitamins and finally, despite its sweet taste, it doesn’t shoot up the glucose levels, as other carbohydrate-rich fruits do. Dried apricots are shockingly better since they are promptly accessible as moment nourishment for diabetic patients. it has a great amount of vitamin A vitamin C, potassium, magnesium fiber, which keeps you full and checks the moment rise of your post perennial glucose levels.

12. Peaches

Nutritional value is equal to the apricots, the peaches help to enhance your metabolism and lose weight. I am against the canned and preserved peaches as the added sugar content is huge. Aside from vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber peaches are additionally wealthy in iron. This helps diabetic patients fight against anemia.

13. Pears

Again it’s a similar reason behind why pears are useful for diabetic patients. Good taste but low in glycemic index. These organic products are a good source of many nutrients like fiber and vitamin A. 

14. Apples

 Apples are the best organic fruits in the entire world. They are full of reinforcement’s nutrients, fiber and so many good benefits that you don’t like to miss if you are serious about your diabetes. Apples are also known to stop the event of neural problems like multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Paralysis disease.

So, these are some home remedies for diabetes that I have known and seen diabetic patients being using to control their blood sugar levels. They really work if consumed properly in moderation. Quantity you are consuming matters a lot, as excess of these may give some side effects. There are certain Do’s and Don’ts for Diabetes, that you should follow along with a good diet and medicines and home remedies. Nothing can stop you win this battle, if proper care is taken in all aspects.


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